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Hair Replacement Turkey

By 22/02/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Hair Replacement Turkey

Hair Replacement Turkey Hair transplant Turkey is a new, 100% natural hairline on the thinnest silicone base, which allows water and air to pass through and allows the scalp to breathe.

The hair system ideally matches the color, length, and structure of your own hair. Doctors firmly fix it on the scalp using special polymers, and it becomes completely invisible to others.

This provides the hair system with an absolutely natural appearance and a reliable fixation on the scalp. People with hair loss can experience a loss of identity. It happens to both men and women. A hair transplant system called hair prosthesis is used in our clinic. It is a clinic dedicated to fully effective solutions in the fight against hair loss.

If implants can be a solution to hair loss, it is not necessarily when the alopecia is very severe. So what remains as a solution? Now there is a revolutionary technique by the name of “hair prosthesis.”

Benefits of Hair Replacement

  • The hair system cannot be bought in a regular store.
  • You get a product that is radically different from all existing analogs:
  • No operations or pills
  • Impossible to distinguish by touch or visually
  • Holds as tightly as your own hair
  • Doctors individually select the size, density, length, and shade of hair.
  • Ability to wear the system all the time and lead a familiar lifestyle
  • The materials used are environmentally friendly and completely safe.
  • There are no contraindications
  • Possibility of modeling: any hairstyle and haircut

Hair Replacement

Hair transplant Turkey is the second solution offered. It allows a bluffing result without having to resort to surgery!

The hair adheres by dermo-fusion on the bald area, previously shaved. Experts apply an anti-allergic resin to the area where it an extremely thin, and then doctors will place undetectable membrane (such as nano skin). This solution makes it possible to find a good density of hair in order to achieve all possible styles.

Once adhered, the hair holds firmly for four weeks. A hair transplant allows you to live without any constraints. The membrane is resistant to swimming pool and seawater, perspiration and is easy to maintain.

The price varies depending on the length, density, and transplant area.

Hair Replacement – Non-surgical Correction

For women who are losing their hair due to chemotherapy or cranial radiation therapy.

Hair loss, partial or total, is the most common side effect that associates with chemotherapy and cranial radiation therapy. It is a serious thing to consider by the majority of men and women to be the most physically and emotionally devastating. In fact, most patients find it as difficult to cope with hair loss as it is with cancer itself.

What Is Best Natural Hair Loss Treatment For Men?

The experts at many institutes understand that they are coming into your life at a critical time. That is why experts created the Comfort program. Designed to respond to your temporary hair loss, it offers you information and solutions in an intimate and peaceful environment.

Hair Replacement – Surgical Correction

It is a complete program designed to support you before and after your micro-follicular hair transplant.

Carried out for the first time in 1955, hair transplant Turkey has been perfected over the years to the point of giving today completely natural results. However, you must make sure to do business with a competent and experienced team, which will create a new image for you that meets your expectations.

The Non-Surgical Graft

A non-Surgical transplant is a hair transplant using a synthetic “skin-like” fusion bonding to the scalp, which gives you full, healthy hair.

Human hair is a form of follicular grafts with insertion and without surgery into “follicles” of a flexible, porous, trans-lucid, and ultra-thin skin-like membrane.

Doctors fuse this translucent micro-membrane through an ultra-strong, hypoallergenic medical adhesive to the sparse or hairless area to recreate the appearance of full hair that grows directly from the scalp.

For a perfect fit of the non-surgical micro-graft, doctors shape an ultra-precise mold from the bare scalp region. Then experts reproduce the mold as a flexible and ultra-thin membrane composed of a porous micro-grid of cutting-edge polymers, which will serve as the basis for the non-surgical graft.

Is There Any Hair Loss Treatment That Works?

Doctors implant a non-surgical micro-graft, one hair at a time, in the form of “follicular grafts” by an exclusive hair infusion method. This method closely mimics the appearance of a hair growing from its root to the surface of the scalp.

The human hair doctors implant in The Non-Surgical Micro Graft matches precisely to your hair in color, texture, waviness, and percentage of gray.

Doctors implant this hair, one hair at a time, in the membrane of the hair micro-graft in the form of follicular grafts, thus reproducing the hair and its follicles in the scalp.

The Fusion Of Non-surgical Micro Hair Transplant

Experts fuse the microporous membrane of the non-surgical graft. Doing this process securely and comfortably to the scalp enables to withstand the tension of over 25 pounds without coming loose. The non-surgical micro-graft is completely waterproof, allowing you to swim, shower, dye, perm as well as extreme water sports.

During the hair transplant Turkey which doctors do the Non-Surgical Micro Graft by cutting and using new revolutionary geometric techniques that ensure perfect integration into the hair while accommodating hair regrowth. These cutting techniques, combined with the natural look of our exclusive micrograft system, allows you all the hairstyles and cutting edge styles of today’s fashion, which demands abundant and healthy hair, especially on top of the head.

Doctors do hairstyling with air, blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron, gel, or paste. The flexible and microporous membrane of the non-surgical graft is very comfortable, to the point of being an integral part of your scalp. The natural appearance, comfort, and absolute safety make Non-Surgical Grafting a real alternative to the regrowth of your hair.

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