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Hair Replacement Turkey Cost

By 15/02/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Hair Replacement Turkey Cost

Hair Replacement Turkey Cost Beautiful hair can dramatically change a person’s appearance, make him younger and more attractive. However, due to genetics, stress, hormonal disorders in the body, many face hair loss – alopecia. As early as the middle of the twentieth century, doctors began to address this problem by starting hair transplant Turkey procedures. Modern medicine has created great strides forward. And now, in most cases, luxurious hair – a matter of timely treatment in a good clinic and financial capabilities.

We will consider the factors influencing the cost of head hair transplantation and in other areas for men and women and the cost of such a procedure in different clinics in Turkey.

Hair transplant techniques: factor

There are currently three methods of hair transplantation: FUT, FUE, and HFE. Each has its characteristics and differs in price.

FUT, also known as the STRIP method, is also called operational. Its essence is as follows: a skin flap was cut from the donor (occipital) area with a scalpel divided into grafts – fragments with hair follicles. The resulting hair transplant Turkey are located in the recipient zone (i.e., at the site of baldness). Working with the STRIP method is quite fast; it is cheaper than others, but it has many disadvantages:

transplanted transplants often do not survive due to damage during formation;
a scar remains at the site of suturing, which, according to the examination of the patient, is visible by short hairstyles;
the spot reduces the area of ​​the donor, making reoperation impossible or difficult;
healing time is longer than other methods;
the density is 2-3 times less than natural, the angle of inclination is not in observation.

The FUE method is an operation in which skin fragments with hair follicles are removed with a particular device – a rotor mechanism with a rotating tube at the end (drill). Rounded scars along the drill diameter (1.5–5 mm) remain at the withdrawal sites throughout the donor. The FUE procedure is more prolonged and more expensive. However, treatment is faster, and graft survival is higher. This method has almost all the same disadvantages as the FUT method.

Hair Replacement Turkey Cost The HFE method is a variation of the FUE method. However, surgeons do fencing and planting entirely by hand using micro needle tools. It reduces skin damage, micro-heals quickly, and leaves no traces. During the HFE procedure, the follicular units (FU) are removed so that the calculation takes place in those units and not in the hair transplant Turkey.

Degree of alopecia: factor 2

There are many sorts of alopecia, but the most common is androgenetic. It accounts for 95% of baldness in men and up to 90% in women [1].

The most common classification of degrees of male androgenic alopecia – according to Norwood – involves seven stages. Hair loss can progress from the first stage, where it is imperceptible or barely noticeable (the front line of hair moves backward), to the last, seventh, where the hair remains only in the lateral zones.

In women, alopecia is classified according to the Ludwig scale: from the first to the third. With each phase, the hair thinning becomes more visible, and the zone of hair loss becomes more considerable.

The higher the degree of alopecia, the more hair the patient needs to transplant to achieve an aesthetic result, and the more expensive it is, the procedure will cost. In severe cases, the patient must undergo several functions, as the number of transplants or FUs have a limit.

Hair transplant zone: factor 3

Many people think that transplantation is attractive only to those who face hair loss on the head, but that is not the case. Modern hair transplant Turkey methods can solve the problem of alopecia and increase the thickness of the beard, mustache, create eyebrows, or restore hair at the site of burns and scars, including after surgery change (reduce) the natural first line of hair growth.

On the one hand, if the area for hair transplantation is small, it will reduce labor costs since the number of transplants or FU will be smaller. However, the site of ​​the face, eyebrows is much more challenging to operate, because it requires the highest precision, jewelry of the surgeon, so the price for each transplant and each follicular association is higher.

Also, many clinics set a separate minimum cost threshold for each hair transplant Turkey zone.

Gender: factor 4

As we said above, not only men but also women face the problem of baldness. When transplanting hair, there is no difference in price for one graft or FU, but there are some nuances:

in men, baldness is usually higher, i.e., the volume of work and the cost per quantity will be higher;
Hair transplant Turkey techniques that involve shaving part or all of the head are often not suitable for women, and transplanting long hair is more expensive.
As for hair transplantation of other zones (eyebrows, intimate zones, etc.), while all others are equal, there is no difference in price for men and women.

Clinic and service level: factor 5

We may not reveal secrets if we say that the cost of services in clinics (and in any trading company) is made up of the following main factors:

room (repair, rent);
staff salaries (qualified doctors and nurses are more expensive than inexperienced ones);
the cost of equipment and consumables (to obtain modern and accurate equipment, the clinic must update it frequently);
If the clinic’s price is significantly lower than the average, the company will likely save on right professionals and high-quality equipment. But overrated is not always an indicator of quality: some clinics, for example, rely on a luxury room and “free” bonuses. All this is paid for by the patient since he pays for qualifiable medical care.

It is fair to consider the average price for the service, or the one that is higher than the market price, if the clinic explains such costs with the help of unique equipment and technologies, labor-intensive work, the highest qualification of experts, etc.

The total cost of a hair transplant Turkey usually consists of the following components:

medical consultations;
diagnostic procedures;
the direct cost of manipulation: price for one graft or FU multiplied by their quantity;
additional services (anesthesia, surgical support, doctor training, hospitals, etc.).
As we have said, many clinics also set the lowest possible operating costs for all zones or each separately. Hair Replacement Turkey Cost