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Hair Implant And Its Safety

By 09/10/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Hair Implant And Its Safety

Hair Implant And Its Safety Hair loss due to genetic factors or male hormones is one of the most common problems in women as well as men. As a result of the examinations and tests performed, it is decided to apply hair transplantation treatment by testing whether the patient’s body is suitable for hair implantation operation.

Hair Implant And Its Safety

The number of operations performed with local anesthesia is increasing day by day. Hair transplantation treatment, which is performed by transplanting hair follicles taken from donor areas of the human body to the head area, is also performed with local anesthesia. Hair transplant operations, which take an average of 3 to 5 hours, do not interfere with your daily life in any way. You can continue your daily life where you left off by getting a natural look after the operation.

Studies on the problem of hair loss, which occurs more frequently in the male gender, revealed that the risk of hair loss decreases after the age of 40. External factors such as stress paced lifestyle, and genetic factors are among the biggest causes of hair loss problems. The process is progressing with the determination of the problems causing the spillage, taking precautions, and subsequent implantation operations.

How Is Hair Implantation Performed?

Hair implant operations are basically done with two different methods. It is in the form of collectively adding the hair follicles from the donor area to the scalp in the head area and adding the hair follicles one by one to the scalp. Of course, these 2 applications have many different sub-branches and application formats. Hair transplantation, which we can examine as two main methods as FUT (the method that is not preferred much nowadays) and FUE (DHI – Golden Tip – Sapphire – Percutan), is performed by transplanting live hair follicles taken from the donor area of ​​the human body into the scalp.

Hair transplant operation is a process that usually starts with the transplantation of the hair follicles in the neck area to the areas with hair loss. But, of course, this operation is not such a simple operation. Each method and operation has its own success and failure. We will try to examine and explain these successful and unsuccessful situations in detail under sub-headings later in our article.

Especially in recent years, with the increasingly diverse hair transplant methods, a new hope has arisen for people who have hair loss problems. In addition to the successful results from the operations, if you want to see a natural appearance and healthy hair growth, you can request an interview with your doctor as soon as possible. You can also get information about the process and take the first step for the examinations required for the operation.

Who Can Have Hair Implantation?

In order to get a perfect result when hair transplantation is performed, there are enough donors to close the hair gap. Another important criterion for us is that the person undergoing hair transplantation is over 22 years old. According to many experts in this field, although this age limit can be reduced to 18 years, it will be more correct to perform this operation after 22 years of age. Anyone who is over the age of 22, has male pattern hair loss and has a strong, live donor hair follicle on their body can be hair transplant treatment.

Hair transplant treatment is an application whose success rate is increasing day by day and is a hope for everyone who has hair loss problems. You can have a healthier hair structure in a short time with the selection of a successful specialist doctor and the right applications to be made. Anyone over the age of 22 can take a step towards hair transplant treatment and quickly get information about their eligibility for the application as a result of the tests.

Does Hair Implantation Give Successful Results?

Hair Implantation is a successful treatment method that can be applied to both women and men and has a problem called male pattern hair loss and is over 22 years old. In hair transplantation, which has a very high overall success rate of 99%, some methods also achieve 100% successful results. With the integration of rapidly developing technology into the medical world, there is great progress in hair transplant treatment. Especially, the success rate in treatment has reached very high rates. And more importantly, after the application, it is possible to have a natural appearance that cannot be understood.

After the application, it becomes impossible for a person to look from outside to understand that any hair transplant operation has been performed. Except for the hair transplant specialist doctors who only perform the hair transplant operation of the sick person, no one will notice the operation. In order to achieve this success, innovation studies have been carried out in the medical world for many years and many different treatment methods have been tried.

Hair transplantation with hair transplant treatment is recommended for people who suffer from male pattern hair loss and who are exposed to uncomfortable looks due to their balding head structure.

As a result of the tests and examinations to be performed, the most suitable hair transplant method will be determined by the doctor. In line with this determining method, more detailed information will be given to you about the method. There are many different hair transplantation applications and very high success rates are achieved as a result of the correct application.

Hair Implant Results

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get instant results right after the treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to be patient after treatment. You will be informed about the process you will experience by your doctor after the treatment. When you will obtain realistic and visible results about the treatment is among the information that will be transferred to you by your doctor.

After the treatment is completed, the waiting period for the results begins. The hair transplantation treatment performed in order to meet a natural hair structure must be fully completed. Although this waiting period is not a long time, frequent checks regarding progress are required. Do not disrupt the controls ensures that the doctor can follow the development of the treatment process in a healthier way and prevent a possible complication that may arise. Hair Implant And Its Safety

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