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Hair Loss Styling Options For Men

By 13/09/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Hair Loss Styling Options For Men

Hair Loss Styling Options For Men, Male pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss among men and is caused by different reasons, including stress, age, hormones, vitamin and folic acid deficiency, and genetic factors. But hair loss styling options for men can be applied to cover up the hairless area.  

Nowadays, balding men have a variety of options. If men’s hair is starting to thin or recede, he can stop further hair shedding using hair transplant. 

Shedding a certain amount of hair in a day is normal, but the people, especially men, suffer from the male pattern baldness lose at least 25 to 50 per cent of their hair. The problem occurs because of hormone- DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Therefore, the men have to use a DHT hormone blocker, so the speed of shedding becomes slower. 

Hair shedding may be a huge psychological blow to men, and it can make a man feel less confident and self-esteem, and they can’t feel comfortable in a crowd.

Male pattern baldness is a genetic problem. It may spread by genetic transmission among the family. If a person inherits the gene of male pattern baldness, hair follicles will be thinner and shrinker from day to day. The progressive thinning generally ends up with the baldness area

The most sensitive area for the hormone is over the head, but the head’s back and sides don’t affect the hormone, so shedding hair doesn’t occur. In the hair transplant, these parts of the head can be used as donor parts and transferred or grafted from here to recipient areas. 

Why Do Some Men Become Bald? 

Hair loss not only common among older men. It can occur in adulthood or teenage. The problem may lead to higher important issues, including depression, low self-esteem, or appearance anxiety.  

There are some techniques for the male pattern baldness, such as a wig, cosmetic products or hair transplant. 

Here are The Different Methods  


Shedding hair can be stopped by some medical treatments; they work by affecting the hormones. The patient has to use it for a couple of months to see the outcome. Generally, when stop using drugs, the hair falling stars again. In addition to this disadvantage, there may happen serious side effects. 

Hair Transplant 

 A hair transplant is a permanent solution for people who suffer from the baldness. In the method, hair follicles are extracted from a part of the body, and then the donors are transplanted to the bald area. Although it isn’t a very cheap process, the result will continue throughout the patient’s life. 

Men should have enough healthy hair to be the donor. If the patient is completely bald, follicles in other parts of the body may be used, but these follicles are more sensitive. So the operation will become harder. 

HairStyles and Haircuts

The bald area can be hidden with different hair loss styling options for men. 

The patient can obtain perfect-looking hair by using different hairstyles, and they can feel more comfortable.  

Choose the right hairstyle because even with short hair, the balding hair looks fuller by some styling tricks.  

If your hair is receding or thinning in the front, the hair should be cut from the back on the head to the front thicker, so it creates an illusion of volume and density. 

You can use hair-styling mousse, but avoid the skip heavy gels, pomades and hair creams because these may lead to more hair shedding. 

A very short or shaved hairstyles offers the best appearance for men with a smooth. The method depends on your style preference. 

Buzz Cut: 

Buzz cut offers a simple and masculine hairstyle, so receding hairline can be covered with it. 

Crew Cut: 

Men who have a receding hairline or hasn’t any hairline can prefer the crew cut. If the men want to keep their hair long, the most suitable hairstyle is obtained. Both crew cut and shorter high and tight make the hair on top seem fuller. It would be best for thinner hair. 


Use a blow dryer and blow-dry to the backside of the head. A mid fade, short hair at the back and longer at the front are the perfect combinations to obtain spikes. 

Comb Over: 

The hairstyle creates an illusion as men can cover up the bald area. The hair becomes thicker and wavier. It should be cut a little longer at the front, leave short sides, and then combed back. 

Short Pomp: 

The hairstyle is a medium length, and thinning hair can be hidden by the method. 

Bald and Beard: 

The shave can be more attractive and impressive for lots of men. Also, stubbly or a full beard may provide a better appearance. You should use beard oil and brush to look perfect.  

Regulation Cut: 

The traditional style was the most popular army hairstyle during the days of World War 2. The sides of the head are shorter than other parts. 

Taper Fade with Short Pompadour: 

If you have a receding hairline the hairstyle offers length on top and roll the hair back into a pompadour. 

Short and Messy: 

To conceal the receding hairline, a short and messy cut the best option because other people can’t notice and pay attention to the bald area. Use some pomade and dry with a towel; it creates a natural-looking.  

Slick Back Combover: 

The hairstyle is perfect for men with receding hairlines, and you look more masculine because this hair loss styling option for men makes that your facial features will be at the forefront. Besides, you will have modern and sleek. 

Skin Fade with Short Hair: 

The shaved sides and the suitable length offers a modern-looking, and you look younger than your age. If you are in the first step of the balding, the style will be better for your hairline.  

Quiff with Taper Fade: 

A little extra length on the top of the head offers a more attractive appearance, and you will look younger and modern.  

People, especially men, can cover up their hairless area with hair loss styling options for men. These options offer natural-looking hairline.

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