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Do Women Get Hair Transplants?

By 08/11/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments6 min read
Do Women Get Hair Transplants?

Do Women Get Hair Transplants? Hair is an important complement for women, especially in terms of completing the aesthetic appearance. For this reason, we can state that today many women are sensitive to hair care and they try to prevent these hair losses by applying against male pattern hair loss and genetic hair loss.

Do Women Get Hair Transplants?

Today, many methods are used by women to increase the density of hair and restore hair health. However, these alternative methods cannot prevent hair loss. As a result, a thin and lifeless hair structure emerges. At this stage; It is possible to state that the most effective method being applied is the Female Hair Transplant procedure. With this method, permanent results can be obtained without the need for any chemical treatment, and by increasing the density of the hair, it is possible to grow more vivid, lush, and healthier new hair.

Hair loss in women can occur depending on many types. Hair loss, especially at an early age, turns into great stress for those who have this problem. For this reason, those who are faced with hair loss problems should first consult a specialist.

Hair loss can begin at any time in women. Hair loss and prominence of the hairline can be seen as thinning and thinning of the hair behind the front forehead line. If early precautions are not taken, women can have serious problems.

It can become more pronounced and accelerated in periods when hormonal balances change, especially in genetic hair loss. Female hair loss may not always have genetic characteristics and may progress in different patterns. In fact, the period when all women complain of thinning and thinning of their hair coincides with the post-menopause period.

If hair loss in women started especially in adolescence, if it is accompanied by acne, menstrual irregularity, and hair growth in the body, hormonal values ​​must be followed under the supervision of a doctor.

We can conclude the reasons for hair loss in women;

  • Genetic reasons
  • Anemia due to iron deficiency
  • Systemic disturbances
  • Thyroid and dysfunction
  • Hormone irregularities
  • Some periods temporarily increase hair loss. These;
  • Post-natal
  • After a febrile illness
  • Postoperative
  • Depending on a new drug used

Because of the wide variety of hair loss in women, consulting a specialist and seeking professional help will always provide beneficial factors against hair loss in women.

If hair loss in women is due to genetic factors; It manifests itself as shedding, sparseness, or openness of the forehead area, that is, withdrawal. Other types of hair loss are considered as hormonal spills; Many women may face hair loss problems due to both genetic and hormonal factors.

Hair loss type, which is important in Women’s Hair Transplantation, is a factor that significantly affects the success of the treatment. Therefore, the type of hair loss should be determined. If there is sparseness or openness in the front and top parts, it means that women have “male pattern hair loss”. We can say that highly successful results have been obtained in this type of hair loss problem.

Hair loss in women generally; It can be

seen in hormonal irregularities such as pregnancy, breastfeeding and childbirth, thyroid diseases, skin diseases, stress, chemotherapy, and genetic factors. Also, permanent hair loss and baldness are seen after injuries (burning) in the scalp area.

Among these factors, whatever factor causes hair loss or baldness, solutions to stop hair loss or regain healthy hair is the main target of hair treatment in women. However, if there is a genetic and permanent hair loss or balding situation, the most effective method should be applied to the transplantation method. Women’s Hair Transplant treatment is the most effective method in preventing hair loss and regaining healthy hair.

How Is Hair Transplantation Performed In Women?

Before proceeding to the hair transplant procedure, a good hair analysis is performed first. During this analysis, it is evaluated whether the hair loss is temporary or permanent. After examining the hormonal values, the factors that cause hair loss are discussed and the transplantation process is started in line with these parameters.

This procedure, performed using the FUE Hair Transplantation Method for women, is the same as the hair transplantation procedure applied to men. In other words, the basic principle of the procedure is to transfer the hair follicles taken from the person’s own tissue to another area. In another sense, the donor area is selected from the hairy area of ​​the person who will have hair transplantation. However, before the donor area selection, the area to be transplanted is examined and the number of grafts is determined.

With the transition to the Women’s Hair Transplantation procedure, the area to be transplanted is anesthetized under local anesthesia and patient comfort is maximized. The hair follicles collected after this procedure performed with the FUE method are placed one by one according to the natural growth direction of the hair in the channels opened in the area to be transplanted. After the collected grafts are placed one by one in the channels opened in the balding area, the hair transplantation process is terminated.

Methods Used In Female Hair Transplantation

Apart from the FUE method, which is used during the Women’s Hair Transplantation procedure, another method that allows hair transplantation without the need for a hair cut in women, DHI Hair Transplantation Method can be used. In this method, without cutting the hair, only a small area of ​​the area to be taken is shaved and the hair strands are collected. With the help of tools called small implants, these collected hair follicles are transplanted and the hair transplantation process is advantageously maintained without creating a cosmetic concern.

Healing Process After Hair Transplantation In Women

Do Women Get Hair Transplants? The first thing to be considered after Women’s Hair Transplantation is the washing process. The first wash after hair transplantation is very important. For this reason, it is necessary to be very careful about the issues related to the first washing and the interventions to be made in the area where the transplantation is made and the instructions given with the products to be used during the washing of the hair should not be exceeded.

It is expected that the transplanted hair will fall out within an average of 2 weeks during the healing process. This situation should not make people nervous. Although this is an expected situation after hair transplantation; The loss of the transplanted hair and the accompanying new hair and the growth of these hairs are considered as an indication that the hair transplantation process gives successful results.

With the loss of the transplanted hair, new hair begins to grow after an average of 3 months. After the healing process of the hair transplantation process, the average time to get results can be expressed as 8 months. After this period, it is possible to have a clear view as to whether the treatment is successful or not. Do Women Get Hair Transplants?

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