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Can You Wear a Hat After Hair Transplant

By 15/09/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Can You Wear a Hat After Hair Transplant

Can You Wear a Hat After Hair Transplant? There are two main types of hair transplant operation; Follicular Unit Transplant, or called FUT, and Follicular Unit Excision/Extraction, or called FUE. Both methods provide a permanent, impressive, and great-looking hair for the patients who suffer from the baldness problem. In the FUE method, the talented and expert doctors are harvested hair follicles from the patients’ donor area one by one and then small incisions are made on the patients’ scalp, and these follicles are grafted into the hairless part of the head carefully with great care.

On the other side, in the FUT method, a strip of hair-bearing skin is removed from the scalp’s donor area. So, a huge amount of hair follicles will be able to be obtained in one go. These follicles are too fragile, and the patients must not touch these implanted grafts the first days after the hair restoration surgery. At this point, you should take your doctor’s advice. So, you will learn how best to care for your new follicles following the procedure. For instance, when should you wash your hair, or can you wear a hat after the hair transplant surgery?

What are the reasons of hair shedding?

When people notice the shedding event in various ways, they can decide to have hair restoration. Hair shedding will continue as long as it is not prevented. Hair loss can happen because of different factors, and people’s age is the first thing coming to mind. Besides, stress, genetic predisposition, insomnia problems, vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin D, folic acid deficiency, and a strict diet can cause the baldness problem.

In addition to these, hormone imbalance is one of the most common causes of hair loss. This type of shedding is mostly seen among women. Also, they are usually temporary problems and are replaced by new hair after a while. Using shampoo in the wrong technique may also lead to hair loss. People who suffer from the shedding should choose a shampoo that contains a lower level of chemicals as far as possible.

The hair shedding is frequently seen among men.

For this reason, hair transplant surgeries are mostly preferred by them, of course, if they give importance to their appearance. The procedure is pain-free and provides permanent, impressive, and great-looking solutions for the patients.

There are significant points to be paid attention after the hair restoration surgeries. If the patients pay strict attention to their new hair follicles, the recovery process will be shorter. For instance, the operational area should not be touched by hands or foreign bodies, and the patients should protect their heads against impacts. However, sweating is one of the critical factors to be very careful after the process. During the recovery time, the sweating has to be avoided because the skin may be damaged because of it, so the patients can not reach what they wish.

Therefore, the first days after the operation, you have to stay away from physical activities that lead to sweating. You can change the lying position to decrease contact by any pressure and touch. Contact with the pillow may damage the new hair follicles. Also, you should very carefully to wear a hat after the hair transplant.

Medication monitoring and medical dressing are so important for the patient. Medications must be taken on time. The bandage must be protected, removed, and then wounded carefully.

How soon after a hair restoration can you wear a hat?

According to the doctors and surgeons, a hat shouldn’t be used during the first six days after the hair restoration surgery. The patient should do this because of some risk. Suppose you have had the transplant surgery. If you wear a hat after a few days later, your new hair grafts will compress and dislodge. It is a really critical stage because it may create any damage on the scalp and all efforts in the surgery’s success to go down the drain. Moreover, if you wear a tight hat, it may lead to irritation on the scalp, and it can cause extending the recovery time. The sixth day after the operation, the patient can use it; it will be safe.

Despite the recommendation to avoid wearing a hat until the sixth day after the hair restoration surgery, the patients may want to cover up their scalp before this. If you wish, you can wrap your scalp with clingfilm, and a light hood over the top can be used. If you want to hide your scalp during the first five or six days of recovery, you can use it. When you leave the clinic or hospital after the surgery, you can prefer the clingfilm and hood ways rather than wearing a hat. However, if you want to use a hat absolutely, you should choose as wide as possible and loose-fitting ones. When you use a hat with a firm structure, it leads to damage to the scalp’s operational area. So, a plastic mesh back hat is the best one in this case.

Why do you want to use a hat after the hair transplant surgery?

There can be many reasons why you wish to do;

– You may want to hide your operational area- it is so normal.

– You may wish to protect from the sun, rain, moisture, wind, dirt, dust, or pollution.

First of all, the persons who decide to have the hair transplant operation should do very detailed research about hair restoration, and they should look at the previously operational examples. If the surgery fails, it will cause different problems from complications to unwanted appearance. Before the surgery, they have to do a comprehensive search about the clinic expert on hair restoration. When a clinic or hospital has necessary health criteria, the best result will become unavoidable. After the hair transplant surgery, you shouldn’t wear a hat covering the whole scalp and preventing the hair follicle from breathing. After the removal of the bandages, you can use a hat or cap sometimes. So, you will be able to return to your daily life easier day by day.