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Can You Get Facial Hair Implants?

By 09/10/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Can You Get Facial Hair Implants

Can You Get Facial Hair Implants? FUE hair transplantation has progressed rapidly after the 2000s until today. As a result of this rapid progress, in cases where the hairy donor area is insufficient, the transfer process from other hairy parts of the body to the hairy area, that is, hair transplantation from body hair, has become quite popular. One of these and the most common method is hair transplantation from the beard.

Can You Get Facial Hair Implants

The main purpose here is to increase the number of hairs to be transplanted and their reserves. Hair transplantation applications from beard hair, which started in 2008, have increased considerably today. According to statistics, beard hairs are used as a reserve in addition to hair grafts in one out of 5 people who apply. Also, the fact that beard hair is thicker than other body hair provides an advantage over other body hair in terms of cover. Beard hair is an excellent resource in the case of insufficient donors.

The number of doctors or centers that perform beard-to-top hair transplantation is still very few. This shows that the process is more difficult and requires technical knowledge.

Why Beard Hair Transplantation?

Is hair transplantation done from beard hair? Is there a hair transplant from a beard? Are beard hairs used in hair transplantation? While questions like this were asked a lot 10 years ago, these questions are not common in the current years.

Especially in cases where the balding area is large, such as grade 6 grade 7, in the Norwood scale, 8,000-10,000 or even more hair grafts may be needed to cover the balding area. It is impossible to extract such a high number of hair grafts from the nape area. Taking hair grafts from an excessively high number of nape seriously disrupts the integrity of the nape area. She had hair transplantation, but this time, many cases apply to correct the bad image on the neck. Therefore, in this case, that is, in cases of donor insufficiency, body hair has been considered as a reserve. Beard hairs, the most suitable of these, have been accepted as an important auxiliary method in hair transplantation. With beard hair transplantation, there has been a significant increase in the number of grafts that can be transplanted to the bald area.

Also, it is an ideal solution for thinning beards for people who are close to the density of the beards. It is also a very good idea for those who consider epilation due to excess beard. Beard hair is generally single grafts, but since they are thicker than other body hair, it is very advantageous in closing or tightening open areas. has the phase. It also has the shortest anagen phase. In other words, it is more resistant to shedding. In addition, the growth rate of beard hair is higher than other body hair.

How Is Hair Transplantation Made From Beard?

Before starting the hair transplantation from the beard, it is necessary to make correct planning first. Situations such as the person’s beard density and number, profession, whether he shaves a beard every day, should be carefully investigated with an anamnesis. It would not be right to get a high number of beard grafts for a person who shaves a beard every day as a requirement of his profession or lifestyle. But experts say that a person who lives with a stubble beard is more fortunate in the number of beard grafts.

A person who shaves a beard every day is likely to have a scar when excessive intake is made and especially if a homogeneous intake is not made. When starting to take grafts from the beard, the area to be taken is marked and drawn. Then this area is numbed with local anesthesia. It should be noted that the beard area anesthesia is painful.

Especially the chin and under the chin area are seriously painful. In applications, experts find it more appropriate to do partial anesthesia by dividing the area to be taken into small areas instead of local anesthesia of the whole region. Then, beard grafts are taken one by one with the FUE method experts apply on the scalp. The beard hairs are extracted one by one using the micro-motor or manual FUE method. In order for the beard hair to be removed, the man should have a stubble beard for 1-2 days. In other words, the person who will transplant the beard should not shave the beard that day. Generally, experts could not find a difference between manual or micro motor in applications, and it can be said that it is more successful in purchasing with a micro motor.

Considerations When Taking Beard Hair

 A homogeneous dilution process should be preferred in the beard area. If it is not diluted homogeneously, a moth-like mark may be seen. This is an undesirable situation. Fine-tipped punches such as 0.7 mm should be used when removing beard grafts. In addition, beard grafts are anatomically more superficial than hair grafts. It has an average depth of 2 mm. Therefore, beard grafts can be easily removed with a more superficial approach. In addition to the doctor who received the graft, an assistant staff may be required to assist in stretching the skin. After the anesthesia of the beard area, there may be numbness around the tongue and mouth for a few hours.

The beard area, experts prefer is the under-chin throat area. If it is not necessary, it may not be very correct to buy from the facial area beards on the chin. If the person has a stubble beard, the beard hairs on the upper chin area can also be taken.

Experts do not find it right to use beard hair transplantation and neck hair transplantation on the same day. In general, they allocate a separate day for the beard to hair transplantation. (The next day after the hair transplant). Performing it on the same day, increasing the dose of anesthetic medication is not correct in terms of the general resistance of the person.Can You Get Facial Hair Implants

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