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Can You Do Hair Transplant On Thinning Hair?

By 20/09/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Can You Do Hair Transplant On Thinning Hair?

Can You Do Hair Transplant On Thinning Hair? There are many different types and causes of hair shedding. To understand what is wrong with your hair, you can search for the reasons, but it can be challenging. Hair loss can happen because of different reasons, such as stress, genetic factors, vitamin, and folic acid deficiency, or sleep problems. To find out the exact problem in hair shedding, you should visit a hair loss specialist. The right treatment in the baldness problem will create a difference when you find the right doctors. However, proper treatment is different for each and every individual.

The first thing to remember is that hair shedding is normal when losing 50 and 100 hairs per day. This amount of shedding is normal, and you can not notice any visual difference in your head. However, if you think your hair looks thinner more than ever, other factors may be caused. Not all shedding isn’t permanent; generally, you do not need to find any treatment methods. On the other hand, if your hair is thinning day by day, can you do a hair transplant on thinning hair?

Why does the hair get thinner?

Thinning in hair may start because of hair care routine or genetic factors, or even both. Besides, some medical conditions may cause thinning hair. Moreover, it can also be hereditary.

Some reasons for hair thinning because of lifestyle habits:

– Over-hair care products: Hair dye, perms, relaxers. Besides, harsh hair products such as hold hair sprays and gels damage the hair.
– Wearing your hair up too tightly: It can tug on your hair, and follicles can become thinner.
– Lack of vitamin and minerals: Iron, folic acid, minerals, and vitamin, especially vitamin D, deficiency lead to hair shedding.
– Uncontrolled extreme stress: Stress is related to an increase in hormones. Excessive stress lead to killing hair that tries to grow from hair follicles.
– If you ;had a baby recently
– If you take birth control pills
– If you have hormonal changes recently
– More stress and sadness
– If you ;have immune system deficiencies
– If you are pulling at your hair
– If you have eating disorders
– If you use too much hair conditioner

Treatments for thinning hair

Most thinning hair cases are treatable easily over time.

1- Scalp massage: It is the cheapest way to get thicker hair at home, and there aren’t any side effects. It would be best if you pressured with your fingertips when you wash your hair in the shower.

2- Essential oils: These are commonly used in alternative medicine treatments. According to some studies, lavender oil helps you to overcome baldness and to thin hair problems. The oil can be combined with rosemary and thyme. However, to find out if you have an allergy, drip a small amount of the oil on your wrist or arm and wait 24 hours.

3- Right shampoo: Anti-thinning shampoo offers volume for your hair to look fuller and thicker. These types of shampoos contain vitamins and amino acids that restore your scalp. Moreover, you can visit and advise your healthcare provider.

4- Multivitamins: Healthy hair is related to your body health. If you have a problem, such as eating disorders and poor nutrition, new hair follicles can not grow. You can take a blood test to determine if you have any nutritional deficiencies. The human body needs folic acid, iron, vitamins, and zinc. However, getting too much these may lead to do more harm than good.

Hair transplant on thinning hair

Remember, thinning hair may lead to hair shedding, but these are not the same for patients. If your hair is getting thinner and you wish to do something in this case, the hair transplant can offer a solution for your thinning hair. When the operation is performed, expert doctors can restore your receding hairline and give back hair volume. Remember, the surgery isn’t a miracle, and rarely doesn’t work to cure for baldness problems. Besides, you may not have the fuller hair you want.

Before the surgery, you should know these;

– If hair thinning is caused by nutritional deficiency, the thinning can probably continue after the surgery. It means that the first hair around the transplanted area can get thin while the transplanted hair follicles stay healthy. For this reason, your doctor can advise using nutritional supplements after the procedure to reduce the rate of shedding.
– Remember, there are two hair transplant methods, and both of them lead to remain scar, but the main difference between these scars is the size and shape of the scar. For instance, the FUT method causes a larger scar rather than the FUE. If you have dark and thick hair, the scar will be most probably invisible.

– The most significant factor in reaching the best results in hair transplant surgeries is the doctor’s skill and experience level. When you choose a talented doctor, the process’s result will most probably end up with great-looking and natural hairline.
– It would be best to select a surgeon specializing in the hair transplantation field rather than a general plastic surgeon.
– Do not forget a hair restoration doesn’t create new hair follicles. The main purpose of the surgery is that moving hairs you already have into the bald area. If you have already lost most of your hair, to reach fuller hair will be harder.

The operational result provides looking fuller with natural coverage on the scalp.

However, the hair transplant for thinning hair isn’t the only treatment. Besides, sometimes it may not be the right treatment. Generally, if your hair thinning isn’t severe and you are too young, the doctors do not advise you to have hair restoration. In the future, extreme shedding may happen in the head, and you may need more treatment. When the people who suffer from thinning hair and baldness notice much space between current hair on the top of their heads, hair transplant surgery will be successful. So, thinning hair can disappear thanks to hair transplants.

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