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Can I Use Hair Fibres After Hair Transplant

By 09/10/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments6 min read
Can I Use Hair Fibres After Hair Transplant

Can I Use Hair Fibres After Hair Transplant This growing trend of hair transplant surgery is not indicative of the growing prevalence of hair loss. Although, one can support greater environmental pressure. The problem of thinning hair has been around for centuries. And since then, hair transplantation has not emerged as the only widespread solution. However, it stands out as a winner in terms of permanence. But there are many other treatments out there. You may have heard of a hair product called hair fibers. It is the most common treatment for hiding bald patches. Here we will discuss whether it is safe to use or offers a better alternative to hair transplant surgery.

How Is Hair Fibers For Hair Loss?

One method of hiding thinning areas on the scalp is to use hair fibers that stick to the hair. The hair section is important because products like hair fibers work by attaching to other hair fibers. This means that it is ineffective in bald patches. This product works with the natural static charge contained in the keratin protein. One study shows that these positively charged particles attach to negatively charged hair or bristles (thin, thin threads usually seen in baldness) on the scalp. This way, you can have a thick, full head of hair.

Using the principle of magnetism, Toppik promises an effective solution for those suffering from baldness or hair loss due to other reasons such as traction ulcers, nutritional deficiencies, and radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

What is hair fibers made of?

The following are the ingredients found in hair fibers.


The healthy functioning of our body requires silicon dioxide. But overexposure has been linked to many diseases. Silicosis is a condition that can develop because of it. It causes scarring of the lung tissue and can cause respiratory problems that get worse over time. It can also cause cancer of the lungs, kidneys, and heart.


Another compound present in Toppik is phenoxyethanol. The European Commission for Health and Safety considers the chemical to be safe for use in cosmetics. But the concentration must be 1% or less. But if you continue to use a product that contains this chemical for a long time, its concentration will increase. This, of course, will be harmful.

In addition, the compound may cause eczema, urticaria, skin irritation, allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). Its presence on an ultrasound gel caused contact dermatitis according to a case report. Depending on how you use it, you may be vulnerable to some of the side effects caused by this chemical in hair fibers.


They are essentially hair fibers that are mainly claimed to be made of “high quality keratin”. However, there are other ingredients in the product as you can find. Acts as a concealer for the scalp. It is the protein that is our natural hair and protects it.

Ammonium chloride

But if we go further in the list, ammonium chloride can also be found. It is a negatively charged inorganic chloride that has a positively charged ammonium. It is classified as an irritant. The compound is found naturally in the body but for the acidification of urine. If swallowed, the compound is metabolized to urea and hydrochloric acid. Needless to say, it has harmful effects on health. But Toppik for hair, claims to use it in small quantities, which acts as a preservative. However, depending on the number of times you are exposed to the chemical and the period for which you are using the product, this chemical may accumulate. When concentrated in sufficient quantities, it can lead to ammonium chloride poisoning. Symptoms may include a slow heartbeat, muscle spasms, chest tightness, fever, nausea, sweating, and irregular breathing, among others.

It should not come in contact with the eyes (it may irritate), the nose, or the mouth. If you continue to spray hair fibers for extended periods of time, you will definitely inhale some of it. The cumulative effect of this compound is dangerous.


This chemical can cause itching, irritation, and contact dermatitis. It has two functions: it acts as a preservative or a muscle relaxant. Its muscle relaxant properties can cause respiratory distress in infants. Therefore, it is safer to keep the products away from you and your child. Small quantities (0.3%) were considered non-hazardous. But again, it can accumulate.

How is a hair transplant better than hair fibers?

In many ways, the cost of hair transplant surgery is a much better choice than buying hair fibers for hair. Let’s take a look at the following reasons.

A common complaint we hear from hair transplant patients is how problematic it was for them to use Toppik. It does not have a natural appearance. And the fact remains that it is not a permanent solution at all, unlike hair transplantation. You will undergo surgery once and you will have lifelong results. But this is not possible with Toppik.

Negative Health Effects

Hair fibers ingredients speak for themselves. It is not the safest product to use for a long time. When having a hair transplant, you can expect bleeding, infection, swelling, bruising around the eyes, itching, and numbness. All this will subside in a short time and their appearance is completely normal.

An important thing to remember is that you should wash your head the same day you apply hair fibers. Otherwise, it can cause bacterial and fungal infections. This means, among other symptoms, pus, pain, redness, itching, and swelling.

Lack of comfort

Toppik for hair claims that their product will remain intact in case of wind, rain, or sweating. But if you do a strenuous activity like swimming, it may not work. Even when you sleep, rubbing your head on the pillow can cause the hair fibers to release. It does not provide a sense of comfort. You may constantly feel that an accident will cause your product to come out.

It is not permanent

Hair fibers work on the principle of magnetism. Keratin hair fibers will stick to your hair through the attraction of a positive-negative charge. Although after washing, it will come out. The hair transplant, on the other hand, only takes two days. Then you will have permanent results. In addition, you will not need extra products for your hair. This is because the hair transplant uses your natural hair for the recipient area.

Unnatural Appearance

As hair is collected from your scalp for insertion into the recipient area, hair transplantation provides natural results. In contrast, hair fibers for hair do not. Matching your hair color to the fibers can be a pain. Sometimes, the color of Toppik turns green when mixed with sweat. This is not the most desirable thing when looking for solutions for hair loss.

Should You Use Hair Fibres After a Hair Transplant?

Can I Use Hair Fibres After Hair Transplant The answer is definitely no. Many patients start using Toppik to hide the recovery areas after a hair transplant. This is extremely harmful. Your newly implanted hair will need plenty of space to grow and breathe. Hair fibers powder can inhibit hair growth. Resources can be closed. This will slow down the recovery process. In addition, it can also be harmful to your new hair follicles.

Final remarks

Our clinic is the first choice for transplant surgery. The low cost of hair transplantation combined with the excellent quality of healthcare makes it one of the best places to treat. Many healthcare providers are accredited by the Joint International Commission (JCC). With the special surgeons, the latest surgeries, and the available technology, our patients leave with satisfaction.Can I Use Hair Fibres After Hair Transplant

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