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Can Hair Transplant Cause Death?

By 22/09/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Can Hair Transplant Cause Death?

Can Hair Transplant Cause Death? Nowadays, some people have a huge problem; it is baldness. The problem may happen for people from all strata, such as actors, actresses, football players, politicians, or comedians. Other people who haven’t any baldness problem may consider unimportant it, but it may lead to different and huge diseases like depression.

Male pattern baldness is responsible for hair loss. It is related to genetic factors. However, other factors and diseases can cause the baldness problem. For instance, a strict diet, stress, illness, hormonal imbalance, and medications. The patient can apply temporary or permanent solutions. Temporarily solutions include wig, cosmetic products, or bandana. On the other side, permanent solutions are hair implants and hair transplants or called hair restoration. However, the patients may worry about the operation, and many questions may come to their mind. To give an example, will there remain any scar after the surgery, will the new hair look natural, even can hair transplant cause death? The doctors and their operational teams will answer all these questions.

Hair Transplant Operations Are Performed Electively

The patients must decide very carefully and think about it. Before the surgery, many medical tests and examinations will be done, and the doctors ask all your medical history, surgery details, and any allergy. If you have any disease, even it is tiny; you must inform your doctor.

A hair transplant is not a life-threatening operation. If it is done correctly, there won’t be any risk of life or complications. In the hair restoration surgeries, standard operative protocols are followed to minimize the risk. The hair transplant can not cause death for any patient. It is considered safe, but it may lead to some dangers, including infection, scarring, or bleeding.

The Medical Procedures Are Performed To Standard Carries Minimal Risks

However, if you prefer untalented and unexpert plastic surgeons, the risk will increase. At this point, the clinic or hospital plays a critical role. The doctor you choose to pay less may give you bad results. Moreover, in some countries, some clinics practice illegally. For this reason, you may fall into a trap. However, still, hair transplants can not cause death except for the consequence of some complications. Hair transplant operation is a medical process that requires advanced technology and significant attention. Therefore, the patients must take care of themselves and chose the best surgeon for the operation.

So, How Can We Prevent Hair Transplant Complications?

Especially if you are going abroad for hair restoration, you have to be more careful.

Here are the details;

– Ensure your clinic, doctors, and medical assistant are competent in hair transplant surgeries.

– Make sure which method is the most efficient based on your hair shedding classifications.

– İf the operating room is up to standard.

– What type of anesthesia will be used in your operation.

– Ask what medications will be used during the surgery and learn your allergy statuses.

– Ask your doctor about the operational types of equipment. For example, during the surgery, the monitors monitor vital parameters such as blood pressure, pulses, or oxygen saturation.

– Be sure to present your detailed medical history to the doctor before the surgery.

– Inform about all medications you use and your allergies.

– Avoid clinics that try to operate after a minimal period of a clerkship.

– If the doctors in the clinics want to operate within only 24 hours after your first contact with them, it is a big sign to give up this clinic.

– If clinics do not offer a care protocol after the surgery, avoid it because actually, hair transplant operation has two parts; the first part is surgery, and the second part is the recovery process.

– According to some doctors, the number of grafts mustn’t be more than 3,000 in one operation. Ask it.

– The longer time leads to more anesthesia, so make sure the right amount of anesthesia is given.

– A poor operation team can increase the chance of mistakes and the risk of complications.

Types of Anesthesia- General vs. Local Anesthesia

General anesthesia will lead to loss of consciousness, so the patients do not feel any pain. When this anesthesia type is applied, the patient’s body doesn’t respond to any reflex or pain signals. On the other side, when local anesthesia is used, the sensation will be absent in a specific part of the patient’s body. The person will keep awake fully because the anesthetic will be injected in the operational area; it is the head in the hair transplant. At this point, general anesthesia carries an essential risk, including death. Most people do not know that many died on the operating table due to general anesthetic complications rather than surgery. For this reason, hair transplants can’t cause death most probably.

Disadvantages of General Anesthesia in Hair Transplant Operation

– It increases the risk of death. The risk is not related to the surgery; it is really a huge risk in itself.

– The doctor has to be quick because the patient has a limited time under general anesthesia. For this reason, the doctor may make a mistake in the surgery. Besides, the quality of surgery can decrease.

– When the doctor hurries up, the operational team also hurry up. So, there will be chaos in the operating room. This puts the patient at more risk of operation team error.

According to the surgeons, most hair transplant deaths are caused due to general anesthesia complications rather than the procedure itself. When you select the talented and expert doctors, and a qualified clinic or hospital, the risk of death will disappear because there may be bleeding or redness but not more than them thanks to local anesthesia. Getting a hair transplant will improve your appearance, self-confidence, and self-esteem. You will look better more than ever, thanks to permanent, great-looking, and impressive hair.

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