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Can Hair Be Implanted Into Scar Tissue?

By 09/10/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments6 min read
Can Hair Be Implanted Into Scar Tissue?

Can Hair Be Implanted Into Scar Tissue? There is a need to explain the information about scars and hair transplantation concerning The Implantable Hair Scar Tissue. The repair tissue that occurs during the healing process of accidents, surgery, injuries, skin infections, burns, or skin wounds caused by different causes is called a scar. The scar is popularly known as a scar. Hair, beard, mustache, eyebrows, such as healing areas with hair or hair seals damage by adding nutritional disorders, hairlessness, or hairlessness can be seen in the relevant areas. Issues such as how these injuries occur, the depth of the wound, the wound’s healing process, and the presence of infection are factors that affect scarring, in other words, scarring. Wounds that are large and deep in their qualities are more prone to scarring and hairlessness and hairlessness in that area.

Is Hair Transplantation Possible In The Scar Region?

Some scars (scars) are small and can be hidden and not very visible, while others can be large and noticeable in size. In such cases, it is possible to partially or wholly camouflage the scars by hair transplantation to the area where the scar is formed by the process called scar revision. However, due to the low blood flow and blood pumping in the scar region, the possibility of waste from the roots that have been executed is considered. The main criterion here is the degree of damage to the skin and scar tissue’s blooding level.

Can Hair Be Implanted Into Scar Tissue?

A scar revision; to eliminate the appearance of the scar that has occurred, it means the hair transplantation process that is being done on the scar. The process is a camouflage method, and in some cases, the sparseness is likely to be some noticeable. Because the area where the scar is formed is usually hardened and the blood circulation under the skin is not at the level it is necessary, it is more difficult to feed and hold the hair striated to that area than normal skin tissues. FUR method is one of the leading methods in terms of scar revision. The number of hair roots required for hair transplantation with scar revision varies according to its width and length.

When Does Hair Start To Come Out After Hair Transplantation?

When hair comes out after hair transplantation is among the most curious questions by people who have hair transplantation, hair follicles in hair transplantation operation are shrubs at every stage of the application. Therefore, in the first week after the operation, the hair shows itself. However, these growths and growths are not very healthy growth. Hair follicles transplanted and trying to hold on during this process are in the process of preparing for a much healthier and stronger stretch and preparing for the production of new hair. Therefore, in the first stage, the strands of hair, which show itself noticeably, break down with the effect of crusting. The spill that is happening with the breakage is called a shock spill.

After the shock shedding phase, new healthy and robust hair begins to last in the second month and later. At this stage, it can be noticed that the hair strands are much healthier and more robust than in the first place. Therefore, people who have hair transplantation should observe the period between the 2nd and sixth months after the operation to see the results of hair transplantation in full. In the 6th month after the operation, people can now see hair transplantation results with a large majority.

Is It Possible to Have Sexual Intercourse After Hair Transplantation?

Some see the advice that sexual intercourse should not be made for a certain period after hair transplantation as absurd and meaningless. However, it is essentially a very logical and useful practice.

During sexual intercourse, people are likely to experience specific stresses or contractions. Due to the high effort during sexual activities, the blood flow rate is close to the maximum. The flow rate in the blood is applied from the inside to the newly transplanted hair es roots. With increased blood flow rate and pressure, there is a possibility that the newly scathing hair ducts may dislocate or disconnect from their ducts.

For this reason, it is not recommended for people who have had hair transplantation to have intercourse during the week after hair transplantation. From another perspective, it is useful to be careful about this, as sweating may be seen in people during sexual intercourse and that sweating can cause play or slippage in newly sned hair es kökths.

Is It Dangerous to Hit the Hair Transplantation Area After Hair Transplantation?

After hair transplantation operation; The risk of external pressure, such as pressure or impact on the area where hair transplantation is carried out, is perhaps at the foretop of the considerations after hair transplantation. In the first days of hair transplantation, a blow to the hair transplantation area or such things will have a direct negative effect on the desired result from hair transplantation.

Because as a result of the impact or pressure was taken, it can be seen that the hair ducts that have just been snedding out of their ducts or play. Hair output from the damaged roots cannot be observed because the hair follicles, which have been damaged by impact or other pressure and are disconnected from the duct, will have lost their vitality.

Can You Go To The Sun After Hair Transplantation?

After applying hair transplantation, it is mandatory to protect the hair transplantation area’s external factors, and sun rays are among the external factors in question. In particular, direct exposure to the sun’s rays within 10-12 days after hair transplantation can damage hair roots. Since extreme heat can also cause sweating at the bottom of the hair, it is useful to avoid the sun’s rays for a while. Also, redness and crusting after the application of hair transplantation exposed to the sun’s rays are likely to cause permanent spots. For this reason, people who have had hair transplantation are advised to wear hats when they go out in the sun for a certain period.

Is It Possible To Enter The Pool Or Sea After Hair Transplantation?

People who want to enter the sea or pool after hair transplantation should wait at least ten days. In such a case, it is objectionable to enter the sea or pool in the first days after hair transplantation due to the pressure and pressure caused by water and the damage that hair roots will suffer when they are wet. When entering the pool or sea between the first ten days and two months after hair transplantation, diving activities should be avoided.

The same applies to sports activities after hair transplantation, and sports activities should be avoided for at least one week. As with sexual intercourse during sports activities, blood flow and blood pressure are increasing, so there is a possibility of damage to the hair roots. In such activities, it is also useful to be careful against the impacts and pressures of the hair transplantation area after the banned periods. Can Hair Be Implanted Into Scar Tissue?

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