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Best Treatment For Hair Loss Due To Stress

By 18/11/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Best Treatment For Hair Loss Due To Stress

Best Treatment For Hair Loss Due To Stress Stress is an inevitable part of our lives in the modern age. Most of us have problems in our careers, relationships…etc that force us to be more stressed. It affects our health. A large number of health issues today are related to stress, including hair loss. If you see more strands on your shower drain, even though there are many possibilities, stress could be the reason. And this article covers all the details about the best treatment for hair loss due to stress.

It is usual that an average adult losses 50-100 strands of hair every day. But if you realize that in your case this number is much more, you should consider this a problem. Not all hair loss is stress-related, numerous factors contribute to hair loss. Age, gender, dietary, infections, medications can all be examples of those factors. But stress is one of the main reasons and biggest contributors to hair loss. Even if stress is not the underlying reason, it will facilitate the hair fall. Long-term stress causes fluctuation in cortisol and some other stress hormone levels. And this fluctuation affects hair loss. Stress also causes inflammation on hair follicles and damages them. (Some studies shifted from controlling hormone levels to preventing stress.)

All these factors increase the number of fallen strands rapidly. And this much hair loss can drag some individuals to depression; and destroy their self-esteem. Fortunately, most types of hair loss are not irreversible, there are numerous treatments for them. As dermatologists, we are ready to help them decide the best treatment for hair loss due to stress. 

In our clinic, we have several doctors who can help you with your stress problems. So you can have better results in your hair treatment.

Best Treatment For Hair Loss Due To Stress Depending On The Type Of Disease

The best treatment for hair loss due to stress depends on the type of disease beyond the hair shedding.

Trichotillomania is a mental disorder that involves urges that makes individuals repeatedly pull their body hair, mostly from their scalps. Depending on the situation, the pulling can be focused or automatic. In some cases, patients feel relieved after pulling out their hair. People who have this disorder try so hard to hide their loss of hair. And this often affects their work and social lives in a bad way. The causes behind trichotillomania are mostly psychological, and stress is a contributing factor, just like anxiety, and depression.

Telogen Effluvium is known as club hair because of the shape of its root. People at any age and any gender can be affected by acute telogen effluvium. Most cases of this kind of hair loss don’t need any treatments. But speaking to an expert would still be the best.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune skin disease that leads to hair loss mostly on the scalp. But it may also cause hair loss on the face and even some other areas on the body. In the US there are 6.8 million people affected by alopecia areata. It may affect people of all ages, genders, and all ethnic groups. It depends on the individual and often first occurs in childhood. With all forms of the disease, the patients’ immune systems attack their follicles. In some cases, production can completely stop.

There is no cure for alopecia areata. The best treatment for hair loss due to stress in this condition is to use corticosteroids. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory to suppress the body’s immune system. Visit our clinic to learn more info.

Best Treatment For Hair Loss Due To Stress In General

Treatment of any type of hair loss is a long-lasting process. There are only a few methods to halt hair loss in a short term, such as regularly trimming hair, using protein conditioners. At the beginning stage, patients should use topicals and a gentle shampoo and take supplements to facilitate nutrition. Good nutrition will provide the best treatment for hair loss due to stress.

Sorting through a massive number of supplements can be tricky. And the use of any wrong medication or drug can cause hair production on any part of your body. You should always be careful and ask for help from experts.

The link to the stress factor depends on the type of hair loss. Sometimes stress only facilitates the problem, but it is not the underlying problem. The hair loss can even be a symptom of a more severe health condition. So it is better to see a professional rather than a self-diagnosis. There are treatment options available to help your hair grow back.

Some medications contribute to hair loss and make the already-existing stress-related hair loss worse. These medications include blood-thinners, blood pressure tablets, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, lithium, methotrexate…etc.If you suspect that a drug or medication that you are using harms your hair-loss, speak to your doctor. They may lower the dosage or switch to another drug or medication.

If patients choose to go under a laser session, a few choices are depending on the severity of your case. The options are KeraLase, PRP, or low-level laser light therapy. You should take advice from experts before deciding on the best treatment of hair loss due to stress. You can contact us from our e-mail address to ask us about anything you want to learn about.

How Can I Apply The Best Treatment For Hair Loss Due To Stress?

If you can not get help from specialists, the best treatment for hair loss due to stress is different. Eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, try to get enough sleep, and avoid heat-styling tools. And remember, as we expressed above, regrowth is a long-lasting process. Your hair won’t start regrowing overnight. Most experts say that hair grows half an inch a month. So expect a fuller-looking of hair on your scalp in around 3-4 months at a minimum. The process can take more than a year depending on severity. Don’t get traumatized to see a bald spot on your front scalp. Visit us so we can determine the best treatment option for you. If you act fast, most hair loss types are reversible.

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