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Best Hair Regrowth Treatment

By 18/11/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments4 min read
Best Hair Regrowth Treatment

Best Hair Regrowth Treatment Best hair regrowth treatment differs from one person to another because hair loss types differ from one person to another. Generally, hair loss an average of 100 – 150 hairs per day is normal.

If there is a spill more than this, it should be investigated. The most common cause of hair loss is the androgenetic type. It can be on men but also on women, either. Hair loss is most common in women due to iron deficiency anemia.

  • Hormone disorders / (ovarian cysts – thyroid diseases)
  • Excessive stress
  • Post-operative severe febrile diseases
  • Seasonal changes are also important factors in hair loss.

If there is a dilemma about diagnosis, the dermatologists examine the patient. Then he/she can want blood tests. According to the result, treatment will be about correcting the missing values. If the test results are clean, it is probably because of an androgenetic type spill.

Best Hair Regrowth Treatment: PRP

In our best hair regrowth treatment list, PRP treatment ranks first. Plasma is the liquid part of whole blood. It consists largely of water and proteins and provides an environment for red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets to circulate throughout the body.

Platelets are the cells responsible for blood coagulation. Platelets are also blood cells that have an important function in wound healing and other essential growth-enhancing functions.

The activation of platelets plays an important role in the body’s natural healing process. PRP is an endogenous therapeutic technology that attracts attention in regenerative medicine because of its potential to stimulate and accelerate tissue healing.

PRP injections are preparing by taking one’s blood into a tube and passing it through a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets. The doctor injects these activated platelets directly into the diseased body.

This method circulates growth factors that increase the number of reparative cells the body produces. These growth factors trigger the cells to repair themselves and the formation of new cells. PRP has been using widely all over the world for 35 years. For 35 years people know the PRP method.

Hair Mesotherapy As A Best Hair Regrowth Treatment

This method is very useful for hair for stopping hair loss. After this treatment, the hair looks more vibrant and shinier.

Our hair is heavily contaminated with the environment, frequent stress, nervous tension arises nowadays.  All this, of course, greatly affects our body. The person who does not experience hair loss due to any disease or hormonal disorder is probably experiencing hair loss either because of a stressful job or family life or because of genetically weak hair follicles.

Mesotherapy is remarkably effective for the scalp and hair. It is the most considered common treatments in modern cosmetology in preventing numerous hair complications.

It can deal with many problems with this application: waking up dormant bulbs, providing nourishment to hair follicles, and eliminating dandruff.

Mesotherapy is one of the best hair growth treatment. An experienced specialist must do the therapy.

Microinjections help the application of special medications containing vitamins and nutrients necessary for healthy hair and hair growth. The doctor chooses the medicinal composition depending on the problem at hand.

Hair mesotherapy is presented at intervals of 7-10 days, reliant on the quantity of hair loss, and the condition of the hair, 4 or 10 sessions can be applied. In short, the program can continue up to 2-6 months. The number of sessions this type of treatment will take in sessions varies from person to person.

Hair Transplant

It is the process of transplanting genetically non-shedding hair follicles between the two ears and in the upper part of the neck. Hair follicles in this area consist of dense, healthy, and non-shedding hair. Hair transplant methods are dividing into two as FUT and FUE.

New hair starts to develop gradually later for 3 months. The change in the patient is most common in the 5th and 6th months. In the following period, there is an increase of 10 percent every month and 90 percent of the transplanted hair emerges in the 9th month after transplantation.

The remaining 10 percent continues to rise for up to 1 year. The result of the whole planting will be obtained in one year.


It is one of the best hair regrowth treatment method. It can be applied to both men and women. After the cause of hair loss is determined, the doctor can decide about the drug treatment.

Vitamin and iron pills are recommended for hair loss caused by iron and vitamin deficiency, which is most common after pregnancy. Besides, hormone-regulating drugs can be used in the treatment of hair loss caused by under or overwork of the thyroid gland and similar hormonal causes.

Apart from these, in hair loss caused by stress, hair loss stops after the administration of drugs such as antidepressants. For people who suffer from hair loss due to genetic factors, drugs that strengthen hair follicles, as well as mineral and vitamin pills needed for nourishment of hair follicles are given.

As a result, since every disease has its treatment method, to decide the best hair regrowth treatment, it is necessary to learn the cause of hair loss completely.

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