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Best FUE Clinic In Turkey

By 02/03/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments6 min read
Best FUE Clinic In Turkey

Best FUE Clinic In Turkey Medical tourism has been booming for a few years now. Between 2007 and 2012 alone, the number of people who crossed borders for treatment doubled. They would have increased from 7.5 million to 16 million per year during this period.

In France, 2% of the population have already stayed abroad for treatment. Countries like Turkey and, more precisely, Istanbul is doing well in this sector, which still has a bright future ahead. Hair transplant Turkey attracts many tourists every year. The price of hair implants in Turkey is affordable.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic Turkey

What is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey?
To get right to the point, there is no simple answer to this question. Each clinic has an experience and a specialty.
There is no better clinic in general, but a better clinic than another for your hair assessment!

One should choose the hair transplant Turkey clinic in Turkey according to:

  • hair type
  • level of alopecia
  • medical history
  • expectations

Medical tourism, a booming sector

Millions of people travel outside their borders each year for medical reasons. For the most part, this involves accessing care that is not available in their country or its offer is at an expensive rates. But also to escape long waiting lists. Countries like Turkey currently have quality medical facilities and adequate infrastructure to receive an international clientele.

Istanbul attracts millions of medical visitors every year, with a particular interest in hair transplantation. Tourists also take advantage of their passage to discover the capital. Doing your hair transplant in Turkey comes with several benefits.

Hair transplant in Turkey: clients from all over the world

Medical tourism continues to develop in Turkey. The hair implant sector in Turkey is the one that attracts the most. An area in which the country is on a good note throughout the world. To date, it is the world’s leading destination for this type of intervention. The Arab clientele of the Gulf countries is the one who goes there the most to undergo hair transplant Turkey procedures. But also men and women from Germany, India, or Thailand.

According to numbers issued by the Ministry of Health in 2015, nearly 200 hair transplant operations were performed there every day. Most of them are foreign patients, eager to take advantage of surgeons’ attractive prices on site. Prices are much lower in comparison with those of British, American, or French institutes.

You will easily find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey that offers better value for money. It is a recommendation to consider several elements to choose your hair transplant clinic: Reputation, quality/price ratio….

The most used hair transplant technique in Turkey

The FUE method is the most common in hair transplant in Turkey. Hair is taken from the back of the skull, an area where it is genetically programmed to never fall out and grafted onto the bald spots. The follicular units are collected manually, using a unique tool called a micro-punch.

Once relocated, they no longer fall off because they keep their original character. Regrowth also usually continues in the donor area. The operation lasts only a few hours and takes place under local anesthesia, making it utterly painless. This technique has seen significant advances over the past few years and today allows thousands of grafts to be implanted.


Best FUE Clinic In Turkey First of all, it is a fact that FUE hair transplant Turkey is less invasive than FUT. Its main advantage is the method of follicle extraction, which will not leave any linear scars.

The hair transplant package in Istanbul offers you the most modern technology in terms of hair transplantation. The Refined method makes such small incisions (thanks to the “custom blades”) that the hair follicles’ placement is much more precise, which makes it possible to provide a high density while keeping a very natural result.

This result is obtained thanks to the combined use of a 0.7 mm biocompatible titanium punch and “custom blades,” which allow the thinnest and closest flat incisions of modern grafting.
Thanks to titanium micro-punches (medical grade 4), the isolations in the donor area are so small that they will leave micro-scars almost undetectable to the naked eye, and wearing your hair very short is possible, almost without visible traces of the intervention.

Warning: Regardless of the method of hair transplantation, there will always be micro-scars, even for FUE. There is no such thing as an “invisible” transplant, be careful as a patient between reality and marketing.

Best Hair Regrowth Treatment

Indications for hair transplant by strip

FUT hair transplant Turkey is suitable for all patients, especially those who want to add many hair implants and, therefore hair, the only downside being a thin linear scar on the back, not visible since the hair covers it. Hair.

The other technique, the FUE technique, is better for people who are have a habit to shave or who do not want a scar.

Before a FUT hair transplant

It is necessary to meet with your surgeon before considering a hair transplant by FUT. This interview makes it possible to specify the area to be covered and estimate the number of follicles required.

Taking aspirin is prohibited during the five days preceding and following the hair implantation session. Antibiotics, prescribed in advance, must be taken the day before the operation and for a defined period.
Finally, it is advisable to avoid coffee, tea,, or alcohol consumption in the hours preceding hair transplants’ session.

FUT hair transplant: what are the consequences?

In the days following the operation, scabs appear on each implantation and disappear within two weeks, resulting in a temporary loss of the implanted hair.
Some pain, more similar to tension, may be felt. However, they relieve quickly and easily with simple analgesics. Edema can also occur.

There is no compulsory professional eviction, but the recipient area returns to a normal appearance after ten or even twenty days. The scar in the place where the strip was taken is discreet and can easily be camouflaged by the hair around it.

Male Celebrities With Thinning Hair

FUT hair transplant: what results?

The regrowth phenomenon occurs around the third month after the operation ( regrowth of one centimeter per month ). On average, it takes six months to obtain the final result of the session.
Depending on the desired result, it is sometimes necessary to carry out several sessions to obtain a greater density, complete regrowth, and thickening of the hair.

It is essential to understand that the result is quantity-dependent on the number of grafted implants. The more grafts there are, the denser the hair will be. Also, like any transplant, a certain number of grafts can die by a wrong catch. However, this phenomenon remains limited, and the results are excellent in the extreme majority of cases.

The most famous clinics in Turkey

Today nearly 300 establishments are specializing in hair transplants in Turkey. Besides offering beautiful prices, many of them have experienced surgeons and cutting-edge technology, allowing them to provide quality care in complete safety. Reasons why Turkey today enjoys an excellent reputation in hair transplant Turkey. Best FUE Clinic In Turkey

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