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Are Hair Loss Treatments Effective?

By 23/09/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Are Hair Loss Treatments Effective?

Are Hair Loss Treatments Effective? Hair is one of the most exposed to external factors in our social life and therefore wears out the most. As well as being part of our body, it also has a large effect on our external image, which requires regular care. However, hair health is negatively affected for various reasons, and therefore it loses its strength and begins to fall out. A normal and healthy person is poured 100 or 150 pieces of hair per day on average, which is quite familiar. Hair loss can occur in general due to nutrition, environmental factors, exposure to chemicals, existing genetic or normal diseases, hair development problems, some drugs used, or psychological problems.

A person in good health sometimes suffers periodical spills, and this spillage process can last up to 2 months. These spill periods can be repeated three times a year for two months, but if this period is exceeded, it is considered unusual and can be a precursor to severe disease. Prolonged hair loss times can return to normal health after an estimated 6 or 12 months after returning to normal with short-term treatments.

The formation, growth, and life span of the hair occurs in all three phases in general.

The growth phase is the longest stage, during which hair continues to grow to 1 cm per month. After this phase is completed, the hair moves to the rest ingesting phase and begins to fall when his health deteriorates for about 2 or 3 weeks. During the hair loss process, hair follicles lose their strength in a period spanning four years by severing its connection to the follicle. Therefore, due to the procedures such as bathing and screening, hair is spilled and replaced with this hair, filling the follicles by producing new hair.  This cycle continues continuously throughout human life. Hair loss from different causes is treated with many different techniques.

Why Does Hair Loss Cause?

Hair loss does not develop due to a single reason, but the causes vary from person to person. The most common reasons known are;

  • Genetic factors
  • Skin problems
  • Miseating habits
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency
  • Hormonal problems
  • Some internal diseases and drug use
  • Process of childbirth and chemical treatment
  • Cosmetic factors
  • Stress and depression
  • Such problems are one of the leading causes of hair loss.

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

The most important thing to do before starting hair loss treatment is to make the diagnosis correct. Understanding the causes of hair loss is of great importance to the treatment process. It is the most accurate method to plan the treatment process with an expert opinion by agreeing with an expert dermatologist who will ensure the healthy placement of diagnoses. During the treatment process, it is necessary to avoid any procedures that tire the hair and scalp and any products that the doctor does not recommend.

The diet is also crucial for the hair follicles’ health, and in the process, it is necessary to eat protein-heavy. If hair loss occurs as a result of vitamin deficiency, you can complete the missing vitamins with supplements and changes in the diet to make the scalp healthy in a short time. If hair loss occurs due to certain diseases such as thyroid, the first procedure to be performed should be to treat the disease.

Treatments for Hair Loss

Many different treatment methods are applied depending on the cause of hair loss. Some of these methods include;

Drug Therapy is administered under the supervision of specialist physicians called the FDA, which prevents hair loss and thickens hair follicles. The drugs are often used to prevent mild or moderate hair loss. Which occurs where hair starts to thin and weakens. The drugs usually prevent the number of hair surged, the thinned wires thickened, and the hair from being firmed and shed.  Drug treatment does not affect the complete hair loss in the front, and the upper part of the hair and new hair is not produced because the cells in the hair stems are dead in full hair loss. No drug will help remove hair again in full hair loss.

Hair Mesotherapy is a Highly Effective Method Commonly used in Hair Loss

Mesotherapy injects all the vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that it needs to complete healthy growth of hair into the scalp with micro-called needles. The injecting process is carried out at intervals of one cm on average. After this procedure, massage is applied to the scalp with slight movements. Mesotherapy treatment is easily applied in both men and women and results in success. The duration can be defined at intervals of 5 days and 5 or 10 sessions. Pain or pain is never felt during the treatment period and is applied regularly in the form of a cure in the year. This process prevents hair loss, allowing more healthy hair to come out instead.

PRP Hair Treatment is a successful method in which those with hair loss suffer the most effective and conclusive results. PRP is a treatment called fibroblast obtained by the patient’s blood, which feeds the roots. This method usually affects people with genetic hair loss at a high rate. It can be applied with hair mesotherapy when needed.

Hair transplantation is generally preferred in people experiencing male pattern hair loss. Hair loss, called male type, occurs due to the effect of the male hormone. The cells formed around the hair follicle and produce disparages are damaged by the male hormone and die over time.  Thanks to this hormone, the hair thins at first, it ceases to grow, and finally begins to fall. Hair transplantation is a treatment method that is applied definitively and permanently in this type of hair loss.

Applying treatments for hair loss by a reliable and expert is very important for an effective and healthy process. Misguided applications will not produce effective results, but after time the spill may occur again. This can cause both material and spiritual loss.

Herbal Treatments for Hair Loss

Using olive oil and coconut oil to prevent hair loss is used to speed up blood circulation. After boiling the rosemary for about 20 minutes, cooling it, and adding it to the hair rinsing water also strengthens the hair follicles. Rosemary juice can also be used as a conditioner. Although there are many methods such as these, the healthiest way to do this is to consult a specialist doctor. Understanding whether hair loss causes, treatment methods. Hair loss are due to severe disease can only be understood due to the examination and supervision of an expert. It is not always possible to achieve a lasting and precise result by traditional methods.

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