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Are Hair Implants Painful?

By 10/10/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Are Hair Implants Painful?

Are Hair Implants Painful? Hair loss is one of the most important aesthetic problems faced by men, and the most valid method to solve this problem is hair transplantation. In the history of hair transplantation, surgical interventions were used to reduce the area, or punch graft, by taking round pieces of about half an inch in diameter and bringing them to the balding area. With some technological developments in recent years, the technique has become more refined, more beautiful, and more natural.

Are Hair Implants Painful?

Two different techniques are used for hair transplantation. As a result of the two techniques used, natural hair follicles are obtained and a natural hair growth process occurs.

FUT Technique: It is the classic hair transplant method. In this method, the hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted into the balding area in strips. 6000 roots can be transplanted in a single session. Since the roots are taken from the donor area as a strip, a scar remains. With this technique, the processing time takes about 4 hours. Transplanted hair follicles begin to grow after three months. The first roots are poured and then permanent hair emerges.

FUE Technique: Grafts are collected with a punch tool with a tip of 1 mm. Approximately 1000 grafts are transplanted at a time. The hair transplantation process takes between 3-4 days depending on the number of grafts. It equals the number of hair follicles applied with the classical method. It is the most commonly used method in recent years.

The expert decides which method should be applied for hair transplantation. Factors such as the hair span of the person, the number of grafts he has, and his age are taken into account when choosing. As long as the maintenance that should be applied before and after the procedure is done, success can be achieved close to 100%.

Hair Transplantation

Transplantation can be applied to people who have androgenic hair loss type, who do not have a chronic disease, and whose hormone metabolism is regularly working. Hair loss due to age, hormones, and hereditary factors is called androgenic loss. This type of spill can be stopped by external intervention. For this reason, this type of spillage is terminated with the planting process.

Hair loss cannot be stopped in other types of hair loss and hair transplantation does not give any results. The procedure may fail in people who have had third-degree burnt hair transplantation, who have had hair transplantation before, but have not achieved any results, have bare areas on the scalp, and have chronic diseases. Therefore, this application is not applied. Before the procedure, it is necessary to determine the type of hair loss. Transplantation should not be done before determining the type and causes of the loss.

The most important factor affecting the success of hair transplantation is the center. The technological equipment of the center, the tools used for the procedure, the healthcare personnel should be trained in the transplantation process, the specialist physician should perform the procedure and be accessible at all times. It should be cleaned regularly to take precautions against infectious diseases and possible infections. The tools used must be personal and disposable. Fixed devices should be regularly disinfected.

Hair Transplant Service

A hair transplant service must be guaranteed. Relations with the customer should be maintained before and after the transaction. He should be able to provide medical assistance in case of a possible problem-or complication. You should pay attention to these criteria that we have listed while searching the center for the procedure.

Hair transplant prices vary widely. The higher the number of grafts, the higher the price. The most important reason why our country is preferred for planting worldwide is its low prices. The demand for our country has been increasing especially in recent years due to the change in exchange rates.

In addition to the number of grafts, the number of sessions applied also affects the price. If the hair loss is of an advanced extent, a single session may not be enough. In some cases, two or more sessions are required.

We recommend that you meet face to face with the center in order to avoid price problems after the transaction. Otherwise, you may experience financial problems after the transaction.

Is Pain Felt In Hair Transplantation?

Since local anesthesia is applied to the person, there is not much pain or ache, only a little pain may occur after the intervention. However, it is possible to relieve pain with the painkillers used. If there is an incorrect transplantation, there may be a pain in the correction process. As a result, since hair transplantation is a surgical operation, of course, the pain will be felt. But it’s not to be feared, of course, it’s just about a fly bite.

At the same time, hair transplantation with fue technology is much less painful than the fut method. On the other hand, hair transplantation is a skin surgery performed with local anesthesia in operating room conditions, which takes approximately 4-5 hours.

Are Hair Implants Painful? There may be very little pain when local anesthesia is applied in the neck area. Apart from that, the process continues by taking a break from playing and reading the newspaper, and there is no pain during the procedure. Since there may be a slight pain on the first night after the procedure, it is useful to take painkillers. Patients can often say comforting words such as “I wish we had come earlier, we sat down, we are going”. But it should not be forgotten that as a result, it is a fact that you will definitely not take this little pain into consideration when you think that your hair is approaching.

During Anesthesia

On the other hand, the process is carried out in two steps. In this process, the hair first gets shorter. The place to be taken and the place to be planted are marked. Then, local anesthetic drugs are applied to the area where the hair will be removed. This process takes only 2 minutes. During anesthesia, a small pain can be felt that varies from person to person. Then the pain ends, and then the collection of the hair proceeds absolutely painlessly. Then the same process is applied to the planting area. Since the backside is numb, less pain is felt in the area to be transplanted than the other. The whole procedure to be applied afterward continues painlessly. Are Hair Implants Painful?

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