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Advantage of FUE

By 27/09/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments6 min read
Advantage of FUE

Advantage of FUE, Especially men’s hair, after a while, begins to fall off the hill or sideways. The most important reason for this is that it is genetic. If there are individuals in your family who deal with baldness, you are also likely to lose your hair in the future.

Advantage of FUE

Hair loss can affect men’s daily lives as well as affect their relationship. In family life, parties, beautiful environments, outdoor sorority, or anywhere, you think of baldness problems and you think your hair is falling out. This situation is an important condition that affects both psychologically and socially.

Today, various treatment methods against hair loss have been developed. One of these methods, the foyer method, comes up with an effective treatment method with its advantages. Fue is known as an effective hair transplantation operation preferred by many patients. Thanks to this operation, men can regain their hair like they used to.

How to Make Fue Hair Transplantation Method?

Advantage of FUE, Fue hair transplantation method is a quality hair transplantation method that can be applied easily and quickly and where such procedures as drilling and cutting are not required. This method was implemented in Japan in 1988 and was introduced to the medical literature in 2002. With this method, beard and mustache transplantation procedures are also performed.

In the FUE method, hair analysis is performed primarily in the neck area. Examination of the structure of the hair strands, the potential for hair loss, hair quality, hair density, and graft count are calculated. The number of grafts is important data for hair transplantation to the part where baldness is. Before starting the hair cutting process, the front model of the hair is drawn and the shaving process is performed.

Anesthesia Procedure

After the anesthesia procedure, one by one hair follicles is collected from the neck area of the head. The collected hair follicles are placed in a special area and damage is prevented. After the collection of hair follicles is completed, the hair follicles collected in the parts of the baldness are placed. This delicate procedure, hair transplantation operation is completed.

After a hair transplantation operation that does not last very long, it is seen that the hair begins to grow within about 3 months. Within 6 months, the hair that grows reaches a normal level within 1 year. Thanks to the hair that grows with the FUE method, you replace your self-esteem and look at life more positively.

Why Is Hair Removed from the Neck Area?

Advantage of FUE, Many patients may wonder the answer to this question before entering the hair transplantation process. Fue hair transplantation operation has a major reason for the removal of the hair from a position close to the neck area. Hair follicles have a unique genetic structure. The hair above the head is more sensitive to baldness, while the hair on the neck may fall less. The hair on the neck is not susceptible to testosterone, so it does not fall out.

Due to the durability of hair follicles in the neck area, a stronger hair follicle is obtained by adding the hair follicles here to areas where baldness is. In this way, the hair is lusher and does not fall easily. If the hair in the neck area is also falling out, the root removal process is performed from different parts of the body.

What to Look out for in Fue Hair Transplantation Operation?

  • Before hair transplantation operation:
  • Your hair should be clean and not too greasy.
  • There should be no chemical substance on the hair.
  • Not drinking alcohol until 1-2 weeks before the operation provides an additional advantage.
  • Smoking should be reduced significantly until 1-2 weeks ago.
  • When hair transplantation is less than a while away, the body needs to be comfortable.
  • Stress and tension must be left behind.
  • You don’t have to starve, you have to go to the operation in a full state.
  • Comfortable clothes should be preferred.

After Hair Transplantation Operation:

  • The loss of hair should be met normally in the first weeks.
  • The patient should not drive for about 10 hours after the operation.
  • It should be sewn up straight without damaging the head, and the medications given by the doctor should be used.

Advantages of Fue Hair Transplantation

Advantage of FUE, Many patients want to choose the best technique and the most hair remover when entering hair transplantation. Fue hair transplantation operation, a technique used since 2004, is still one of the latest techniques that remains up-to-date. In this way, you are processed together with the most effective hair transplantation operation.

Many patients think about what a difficult process it will be when entering the operation and therefore become nervous. This method is more effective than older treatments and is also easier and faster. It’s a comfortable operation for both the patient and the doctor. Only local anesthesia is performed during the procedure. Then the hair follicle is removed by machine and sewn to the necessary places. The process is that simple.

Some customers may wonder if there is a suturing process before the operation. Fue operation is an advantageous choice in this respect. Because in this operation, no processing is needed in the process of cutting the skin, sewing process. Hair follicles are taken and transported to the other area with a thin machine only. In this way, there are no scars left in the head, it is treated comfortably.

Another benefit of FUE hair transplantation operation is that the hair will be released within 1 year after the hair transplantation operation. In 6 months, visually beautiful hair emerges, mature hair that has grown sufficiently in 1 year welcomes you. In this way, you can flow into the environments with your aesthetic hair.

Mustache And Beard Transplant

Another advantage of this method is that only the neckline is not needed. If your neck is falling out during hair transplantation operation, hair follicles are removed from different parts of the body, and processing is continued. In addition to hair transplantation, the FUE method is used for eyebrow, mustache, and beard transplantation.

With the development of technology, medicine has made progress on many issues. In old techniques, hair transplantation was perhaps a challenging process. Today, experts have worked and developed new methods to overcome these challenges. Another benefit of hair transplantation, where there is almost no pain, is that it does not leave a scar after hair transplantation. In this way, he says hello to a happier life, which looks better in sick environments.

Fue operation makes the patient feel psychologically comfortable. Because this operation ends painlessly. After the operations that take place quickly due to the effect of the local anesthesia given, the patient can move on without any problems. In this operation, the patient feels more comfortable because there is no drilling, cutting, mowing operations and only the machine and hair root transport operation, the patient happily participates in the operation. He can even deal with different jobs and chat during the operation. This treatment is so comfortable.

Compared to the FUT technique, the FUE technique is more comfortable, faster, and easier. The engine ends used in the FUE technique using new technologies are smaller. At the same time, the shorter FUE technique is done in a single session. Although some patients are taken care of in 2 sessions, the 2nd session is shorter. Therefore, the FUE technique is preferred more.

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