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A Bald Man Gets a Hair Transplant Operation

By 22/09/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
A Bald Man Gets a Hair Transplant Operation

A bald man gets a hair transplant operation , nowadays, many people suffer from a problem- It is baldness. Especially men try to find a solution. At this point, we can see different types of solutions; these are permanently and temporarily, but both of them have some advantages and disadvantages. For example, some men prefer temporary solutions to cover up their bald area. They use a wig, cosmetic product, or bandana, but these ways aren’t effective and practical because when people prefer to use them, they have to do always. So, they can apply another permanent way to reach healthy and natural-looking hair; it is a hair transplant operation. A bald man can get a hair transplant operation, and they will obtain permanent hair as soon as possible.

There are a lot of clinics that offer hair transplant surgery. Besides, there is a lot of method of hair restoration. If you suffer from the baldness problem and want to get healthy hair again, choose the best clinic, and ask your doctor which operational method is the best for you and your hair type. We should say that each patient has different baldness types, so the applied technique will change.

However, The Hair Transplant İsn’t a Cure For Baldness.

The baldness occurs because of dihydrotestosterone or called DHT, a male hormone. The hair follicles become thinner until they cannot grow because of this. If your hairline is receding or thinning, the hair restoration can’t stop this from happening. So, before the surgery, you should learn why and how hair shedding is happening. Suppose the baldness happens because of the DHT hormone. In that case, you need to use a DHT blocker with doctor advice, or if it happens because of vitamin deficiency, you need to use nutritional supplements.

There are two main hair transplant operations, and surgeons must administer treatment individually for each patient. The first one is FUE (follicular unit excision), and the second one is FUT (follicular unit transplantation). The FUE method is performed for the patient who has a less bald area. The surgeon has extracted hair follicles from the donor area one by one, and then these follicles are grafted into the bald part of the head by high technology.

On the other side, the FUT hair transplant is very different from the FUE technique. If the man has a huge bald area in his head, the best option will be the FUT method in a hair transplant operation. In this type of process, the surgeon removes a strip of donor skin rather than extracting follicular one by one. So, more follicles will be obtained. Besides, the surgeon takes hair follicles from the sides and back of the patient’s head. Which method is the best for the patient who suffers from baldness? Suppose the bald man who gets a hair transplant has a huge bald area. Thus, the FUE method won’t be effective because, in this operation, cost and effort will increase. Moreover, in the FUE method, the surgeon can transplant between 3,000 and 4,000 grafts in one procedure. Each graft involves between 1 and 3 hair follicles.

Advantages and Disadvantages for Both FUE and FUT Methods

– These two methods offer permanent and natural-looking hair.

– If the bald man who wants to get a hair transplant prefers the FUE method, the possibility of remaining any scar is less than the FUT method.

– In the FUT method, more hair follicles can be extracted and transplantation in less time than the FUE. So, the operation time and effort will be less.

– The FUT method is often less expensive than the FUE method.

– Both FUT and FUE operational techniques are virtually painless and require only a local anesthetic.

– The patients will reach maximum fullness from the hair operation.

– No need to shave the whole head in both types of processes.

– One of the most significant disadvantages in the FUE method is that the surgery will take between 4 and 12 hours, but you will be able to go home the same day after both methods.

– Hair transplants can have perfect results for male pattern baldness problems.

– Sometimes, more than one surgery is needed because of the size of the bald area.

– You do not need to worry about your donor area because the hair follicles from the side and back of the head will usually grow throughout your life.

The surgeon must pay attention to the hair angle and density. Other factors, such as sensitivity to the looks, shape of the face, and general appearance for the man who gets a hair transplant, must be paid attention. On the other side, if you prefer an untalented and non-expert doctor, the bad results won’t become unavoidable. At this point, we can say that the surgeon and team are as important as the operational technique.

After the procedure, the clinic or hospital team will give the patients instructions on caring for their donor and recipient areas. They may feel some tightness or soreness in their head, but it isn’t a significant difficulty to turn back their daily lives and jobs. A week after the surgery, the patients won’t usually feel any swelling and redness. However, after the procedure, new hair follicles will grow like first hair after a couple of months, you are going to see the result significantly in your head.

The choice between having the FUE and FUT method is up to you and your doctor. The process depends on your hair loss classification, the bald area’s size, and your donor area’s quantity. Besides, the quality of your available hair plays a significant role in the hair transplant operation. When you decide to have a hair transplant, the method is chosen very carefully because it is not right for everyone. It will be helpful to discuss with your doctor which way might be better for your current situation. The man who gets the hair transplant operation will see the best results after a couple of months, and he can enjoy new natural-looking, attractive and permanent hair.

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