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Who Does Celebrity Hair Transplants?

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Who Does Celebrity Hair Transplants?

Who Does Celebrity Hair Transplants? Hair transplantation is considered a permanent solution to baldness. Hair transplantation can be defined as a microsurgical intervention performed in a hospital environment. The concept of “Microsurgical intervention”.That implies that the hair transplant procedure is less heavy and less restrictive than conventional surgery. Hair transplant is an effective and permanent solution to baldness in men but also in cases of androgenetic alopecia. Apart from that, this operation can be performed on people with scars or different diseases causing hair loss. And people who suffer from this condition are curious about who does celebrity hair transplanted.

Hair Loss Causes

The most common cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. That is as its name suggests is due to androgens (the male hormone ), and genetics. Although it is more frequent in men, more and more women are consulting for the same problem. It is not just an aesthetic issue: there are those who are affected a lot psychologically. That is why it is necessary to carefully analyze who can have a hair transplant. Not everyone loses it the same and the results may not meet your expectations. That is why a conversation with a good specialist is so important. To know what to expect and what they advise for each case. Also, hair lost people wonder who does celebrity hair transplants for seeing results.

The basics of hair transplantation

  • People between the ages of 20 and 60 can have a hair transplant.
  • The patient who will have a hair transplant will only need 3 days for preoperative preparation and recovery.
  • Although the duration of the surgery varies depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted. It usually takes 6 to 8 hours.
  • In order to respond to possible complications, the operation should be performed in a fully equipped hospital.
  • A hair transplant procedure is performed with a doctor and at least 3 medical technicians.
  • It may take around 6 to 18 months to see the result of hair growth. From the day after the operation, the patient can expect to see hair growth until the 18th month.

Is hair transplantation a painful surgery?

Today, pain and pain are not felt during hair transplantation. It is surprising to most patients that they feel much less pain than they think. Psychological factors and physiological pain in hair transplantation can increase the pain and make the person feel uncomfortable. Psychologically it is very important to prepare patients for the operation. In addition to detailed information, patients can be relieved with medications administered before the operation. Also, most people who do celebrity hair transplanted

says that it was not so painful.

To minimize pain during the procedure, at least the entry should be made, the thinner needles should be used. Anesthetic agents should be at body temperature when injected into the skin. Sowing and buying will be done on the skin using an integrated technique. That can work over large areas without bleeding. After the anesthesia has taken effect within 5-10 minutes, the patient does not feel pain. And watches TV plays with his smartphone or sleeps during the operation.

If necessary, nerve blocks can be applied to provide anesthesia for 8-12 hours. A strong analgesic substance administered towards the end of the operation prevents pain after the operation.

The most preferred methods by who does a celebrity hair transplant

Who Does Celebrity Hair Transplants? Hair transplantation can be determined as the biggest solution to the hair loss problem. Hair transplant operation is defined as a microsurgical operation performed in a hospital and clinic environment. Hair transplant operation is performed with much fewer interventions than normal surgery. Hair transplant operation is a medically effective and permanent solution as a male pattern hair loss. But apart from this, people who have wounds. And scars on their head, hair, people who have had hair disease, who have experienced various diseases with hair loss. And those who have hair loss can easily They can do it. Hair transplantation is a natural and permanent solution for those who have hair loss, baldness, and rarity.

In hair transplant operations, the patient’s own healthy hair is added. Hair transplantation is applied by a completely personalized plan. It is tried to be created in a natural and healthy way. Hair transplantation can be performed on all individuals who have had hair loss problems for various reasons. Since the ages of 19-20 in men and women. And who does not have any physiological disease that prevents hair transplantation? You can have a new look by making your decision with the information we have given below. Hair transplant methods are now easier with these techniques.

What is FUE hair transplantation?

FUE is one of the best known and preferred techniques in hair transplantation. After all of the patient’s hair has been shortened to 3mm in length, the donor area is anesthetized under local anesthesia. Loose grafts with a device called a micro motor are collected with the help of forceps. The region to be sown becomes numb and the canals where the roots are placed are cut open with blades. When harvested, the grafts with some tissue fragments are separated from the tissue fragments. And the remaining hair follicles are placed in the channels. In the last stage, the donor area is closed with a bandage. This method is the most used method who does celebrity hair transplanted.

Hair transplant using body hair

For men who are considering having a hair transplant, body hair is considered a third source of transplant. If the grafts are taken from the back of the head, and the beard area is not yet sufficient for coverage. Among other options, chest hair can be considered a good alternative source of graft for the transplant. hair.

There are 2 reasons why body hair is considered an additional source in hair transplant. The first reason is: body hair transplants, especially chest hair, have a similar structure to beard transplants; They are thick and contain one or two hairs. As for the second reason: the anagen phase of the hairs is much shorter; body hair becomes shorter. That being said, hair transplants obtained from the chest cannot be used in the implantation of the frontal area. This type of hair transplantation is also used a lot by who does celebrity hair transplanted. Who Does Celebrity Hair Transplants?