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Where Do Celebrities Get Hair Transplantation?

By 04/01/2021September 15th, 2023No Comments6 min read
Where Do Celebrities Get Hair Transplantation?

Where Do Celebrities Get Hair Transplantation? Today, many famous names prefer many surgical operations in order to change their image and shape. Hair transplantation is among the most common surgical operations in recent times. Many famous names who want to perform hair transplantation are also looking for ways to get quality and proper hair transplantation. With the developing technological devices, we can say that hair transplantation is done very effectively today. Among the biggest reasons why hair transplantation, which many people demand, has become very popular is developing medicine.

We know where and how many famous names who want to benefit from hair transplantation are researched. Also, many people who are not famous are researching where celebrities get hair transplants. Where do you celebrities get hair transplants? If you are looking for the answer to the question, you can find the details in our article. Where do celebrities get hair transplants in this article? We will answer your question and give you details.

Where Do Celebrities Get Hair Transplantation?

Where do celebrities get hair transplants? Before answering the question, we would like to give you information about hair transplantation in the form of titles. Today, many people who experience hair loss prefer hair transplantation. In this so-called aesthetic tourism, we can say that many people prefer different countries when getting hair transplantation. We know that experienced and professional doctors are also being investigated for hair transplantation. It will be a relief to get preliminary information before hair transplantation.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is taken from areas such as the chest, legs, arms, and genitals that resist baldness or from the back of the head near the nape. Hair transplantation is constituted by transplanting the hair es roots to the area where the hair has been shed. The most preferred hair transplantation is the hair follicles on the back of the head, i.e., on the back of the head. With the use of these hair roots, transplantation is provided to the sheer area of the hair. We can say that the transplantation of stem cells taken from places with low spillage frequency in areas where there is a spill in men and women is done more professionally today than in past years.

History of Hair Transplantation

The history of hair transplantation began in the 19th century. In the 19th century, the method applied is to transfer the scalp to another by swimming with the operation. The Japanese discovered the modern transplant in the 1930s. This method is also used on eyebrows and eyelashes. This method has nothing to do with hair. In the modern era, we can say that a dermatologist performed the first hair transplant in New York in the 1950s. The ever-evolving technological devices and medical science have made it easy to perform many surgical procedures. In the 1980s, with the developing medical technology, the examination of the scalp began. In 2002, hair transplantation procedures were started. Today, we can say that hair transplantation is very much requested and performed by many specialist doctors.

What are hair transplantation methods?

Hair transplantation methods are examined under two headings. The first is the removal of hair follicles, and the second is the transplant of the roots taken. During hair roots removal, specialist doctors take hair cells from the least common spots of hair loss in the body. Hair follicles that are usually taken from the nape of the neck for men, it is also taken from the same area for women, including the genital area.

Let us also add that these hair roots are obtained from different parts of the body. After healthily obtaining the hair roots, hair transplantation is performed on the second evening. While this hair transplantation process is performed, small incisions are formed in the areas where the hair cells will be transplanted. Hair transplantation is performed after transplantation of hair cells or hair roots differently into these small incisions. After this hair transplantation procedure, a follow-up of the patient is provided. The development of the patient’s hair, which is controlled by the doctor for specific periods, and the patient’s responses are analyzed. As a result of these analyses, it is determined whether the patient will positively result in hair transplantation. Doctor’s Choice in Hair Transplantation

The most important point to pay attention to when transplanting hair is to get help from a professional doctor. Today, we know that doctors have become very professional in the hair transplantation process. We can say that hair transplantation operations should only be carried out by experienced doctors, both in terms of your health and the permanent operation you will have. Aesthetic tourism is called, and turkey is very much demanded that hair transplantation operations have been successful. Let us add that professional doctors’ hair doctors have shown their effectiveness in a short period and are permanent for a long time.

Be Careful in Hair Transplantation

As with any surgical operation, people should be cautious in hair transplantation. People who act consciously always get a positive result. Otherwise, we know that the operations carried out by inexperienced doctors by acting unconsciously have failed and give people a tough time in hair transplantation. The hospital and your doctor should be excellent to conduct essential examinations on the transplant of stem cells taken from good points of the body and make your choice about the successful operation. Also, there are some factors that you should apply before and after treatment. Paying attention to these factors is very important for your health and the shade of your hair.

What are the Side Effects of Hair Transplantation?

As with any surgical procedure, hair transplantation has many side effects. When we look at these side effects, we can say that there are many side effects, including bleeding, infections, leakage in the hair roots, dermoid cyst, parquet stone appearance, hair that goes in the wrong direction, accelerated hair loss. Here, a specialist doctor’s drugs should be applied and used correctly to eliminate side effects. Simultaneously, the person will prepare the hair transplant physiologically and psychologically before the operation, and hair transplantation should continue after the operation. As with any surgical procedure, hair transplantation operation also has some side effects. It is entirely up to you and the specialist doctor to treat these side effects. It would help if you used professional and experienced doctors to get through this process healthily.

Where Do Celebrities Get Hair Transplantation?

Celebrities are looking for specialist doctors to perform hair transplantation in many areas. We know that many people are headed to Turkey in plastic surgery, also called medical tourism. In a country with highly specialized doctors, it is possible to perform hair transplantation professionally. There are some methods applied by professionals both before and after treatment. You can perform your hair doctor permanently by applying these methods. Also, we can say that there are professional doctors in many hair transplantation centers in Europe. Compared to the past years, we can say that many centers for hair transplantation are created with the development of plastic surgery today.