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What Celebrities Have Had Hair Transplants? 

By 14/04/2021September 15th, 2023No Comments5 min read
What Celebrities Have Had Hair Transplants 

What Celebrities Have Had Hair Transplants  Hair transplant; It is the restoration of lost or thinned hair. It is an aesthetic operation performed in order to be put back in place. In fact, the procedure is basically tissue transplantation. The main purpose of plastic surgery is to improve the person’s appearance. Thus, the person is brought into society in peace with himself and his environment. Hair transplantation is one of the most basic surgeries that serve this purpose. Many people in the media also had a hair transplant. Celebrity hair transplants are the best examples of hair transplantation.

Many celebrities who have a hair transplant are satisfied with the new look of their hair. Because hair transplantation provides a permanent solution to baldness. In addition, it is not harmful because it enables the person to obtain hair naturally. The person is treated with hair follicles taken directly from him. In this way, the natural appearance is preserved and the self-confidence of the person is refreshed.

Celebrities who have a hair transplant are usually the names we know from TV shows, series, movies, or scenes. If we are to give the example of celebrity hair transplants, Wayne Rooney will be the best example. Making a name for himself in the football world, Rooney has also inspired men in hair transplantation.

In addition to Wayne Rooney, many women and men have had a celebrity hair transplant. Jake Quickenden, Louis Walsh, Joe Swash, Calum Best, James Nesbitt, Gordon Ramsay are just a few of these examples.

Why Is Wayne Rooney An Example for Hair Transplantation?

Wayne Rooney is an English football player and coach. Over the years, he has made his name known all over the world in his football career. Besides his success in football, he has inspired hair transplantation for men. He has been very open-minded about hair transplantation, which many men are afraid of. The photos taken throughout his football career have always shown signs of baldness.

However, thanks to the improved hair transplantation methods, he has resolved his baldness permanently. He has been in the media throughout this hair transplant process. He lived with all his lovers without hiding the hair transplantation process. For this reason, it is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to celebrity hair transplants.

Wayne Rooney started to lose his hair for the first time in his youth. He lost his hair due to a male pattern baldness problem. Male pattern baldness shows signs of permanent baldness. It can be seen not only in men but also in women. However, it is more common in men. The permanent solution for male pattern baldness is hair transplantation. For this reason, Wayne Rooney also had a hair transplant. Nowadays, it encourages those who want to have a hair transplant with their natural-looking hair. So, he is the best example for celebrity hair transplants

Elton John Had Hair Transplant?

Famous song and songwriter Elton John is among the celebrities who had a hair transplant. John had stated before that it was disturbing to lose his hair in his youth. Elton John, who became completely bald when he was in his 30s, had a hair transplant. However, the hair transplant he had was not successful. That’s why Elton John started wearing a wig.

Jeremy Piven Had Hair Transplant?

What Celebrities Have Had Hair Transplants  Jeremy Piven is the face we are used to seeing in TV shows. Piven, one of the sought-after faces of comedy series, was suffering from baldness. During the period of problems, the hairline had regressed considerably. This situation gave Piven a more freaky look than he did. Jeremy Piven, who had a hair transplant on top of that, now has very nice looking hair. Jeremy Piven, one of the examples of celebrity hair transplants, has a much younger look. Having hair transplantation with the FUE method, Piven has very natural looking hair. 

Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant

What are the Advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation?

The FUE method is a method that emerged with the development of technology. This method, in which hair follicles are collected one by one, provides a natural appearance. Transplanting the hair one by one makes the person appear to have natural hair. At the same time, as the hair follicles taken from the person are transplanted, the hair begins to grow most correctly. As you can see in the examples of celebrity hair transplants, the most preferred method is the FUE technique. The advantages of the FUE technique are as follows:

  • It is a much more comfortable operation for both the patient and the physician compared to the old method. The patient is discharged in a short time.
  • It is a technique open to technological developments. In this way, it makes use of technology more and more every day.
  • Thanks to the motor and tips used, the operation time is much shorter than FUT. Since the FUE method has developed, the FUT method is not preferred much anymore.
  • No incision is made. In this way, the rate of convincing and feeling comfortable during the operation is higher.
  • There is no need to spend extra time separating the roots.
  • No stitches are made. For this reason, there is no scar. Only 3 days of dressing is sufficient in the FUE technique.
  • 2500-3000 grafts (average 6000-6500 hair strands) can be transplanted in a single session.
  • FUE is available for multiple sessions and multiple grafts.
  • In FUE, 85% of patients are covered with a single session. A second session may be required for a patient group of only 15%.
  • Operation time is shorter in FUE. No extra time is required for separating the grafts. What Celebrities Have Had Hair Transplants 

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