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Turkey Hair Transplant Clinics

By 16/03/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Turkey Hair Transplant Clinics

Turkey Hair Transplant Clinics Hair loss is one of the significant problems of today. People value their hair a lot and buy many hair care products. Despite this, many men and women have hair loss problems. Fortunately, we have many technological possibilities today. That is why hair transplantation is the most effective solution for hair loss. Hair transplantation is not a simple operation. Anyone considering a hair transplant should find the best hair transplant center. In this case, the best hair transplant clinics are in Turkey.

There are many reasons why hair transplant in Turkey is the best. First of all, Turkey Hair Transplant Clinics has many expert doctors in hair transplant. In addition to this expert team, we have the latest technology hair transplantation tools. A successful result comes from the combination of an expert team and the newest technology products. That is why Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic has a high success rate.

What Else Can We Do When We Come to Turkey For a Hair Transplant?

Turkey has many geographical opportunities. One of the reasons why Istanbul is so vital in hair transplant and health tourism is its geographical location. Due to its location, Istanbul connects the European continent and the Asian continent. Therefore, many civilizations have lived in this geography for thousands of years. One of the advantages of hair transplant in Turkey is to see the ruins of these civilizations. For example, Istanbul is a city that the whole world has given importance to throughout history. Therefore, you can see many historical sites in Istanbul and the unique Bosphorus that separates the two continents. Istanbul has many historical places such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Maiden’s Tower, Basilica Cistern. In some of these works, you can see the Byzantine or Christian culture. Apart from these works, you can visit Turkish and Islamic culture in some pieces.

In this way, Istanbul shows itself as the meeting point of 2 different religions. Of course, Istanbul does not only have these places. Turkey Hair Transplant Clinics will give you an assistant when you come to Turkey to help, and you can consult on this issue. Of course, you can find lots of information on the internet. Turkey’s historical places are world-famous, so a lot of information on the internet is simplistic. Apart from Istanbul, you can see the ancient Roman cities in cities such as Izmir, Antalya, Muğla, and Denizli. Also, these cities are very suitable for the summer holidays. Before having a hair transplant in Istanbul, you can spend your holiday in these cities and swim in the sea. You should not forget that you should not swim for a while after the hair transplant. Therefore, you cannot sunbathe or swim after hair transplant surgery.

How is the Hair Transplant Operation Performed?

There are some stages of hair transplant in Turkey. Before the hair transplant, your doctor will explain the hair transplant operation to you in detail in the hair transplant clinic. In this briefing, your doctor tells you about the speculations that may occur during hair transplantation. Your doctor will then draw the hairline you have agreed with your doctor with a pencil on your head. In this way, you can see the hairline’s position after the operation is over before you undergo surgery. After that, your doctor can start the hair transplant operation. Before beginning a hair transplant, your doctor will apply sedation or local anesthesia. You can choose regional anesthesia or sedation. In both cases, you will be conscious during the surgery, but we need sedation or local anesthesia to avoid pain. Afterward, your doctor starts the process of collecting hair follicles according to the technique you want.

Generally, the donor area for hair follicles is in the nape area. Thanks to the FUE technique, your doctor can use another part of the body as a donor area. Hair transplant in Turkey has FUE technique. Our patients can benefit from this fue technique. The nape area is a donor area because the hair follicles here are the healthiest. Your doctor will shave your nape area. Your doctor collects the hair follicles in this area one by one with special tools. This process requires a lot of attention. Afterward, your doctor opens hair channels to the hair loss area. Your doctor places the hair follicles your doctor collects in the hair canals one by one with special tools. While recognizing the hair follicles, your doctor also applies PRP treatment for your hair to grow faster. With this process, the hair transplant process ends.

How Much Is The Hair Of Istanbul

Hair Transplantation Prices in Turkey

If you think of a hair transplant in Turkey to search for prices, it is quite normal. However, it is not clear the price of hair transplantation in Turkey. The hair transplant technique you choose affects the prices. Among these hair transplant methods, there is traditional and FUE technique. Also, shaved or unshaved hair transplant has a separate fee. Therefore, you should choose the appropriate method for yourself, considering the advantages and disadvantages of shaved and unshaven hair transplantation. It would be best to examine our hair transplant center for precise information about hair transplant cost in Turkey. If you live in Turkey, you can come to our hair transplant center. This way would be an easier way.

However, if you do not live in Turkey or cannot come to our hair transplant center, do not worry. In this case, our hair transplant center offers you an online examination option. You can reach our hair transplant clinic via the website or our phone number. In this online examination, our hair transplant clinic wants your photos from you. We should see your hair loss clearly in these photos. Due to this reason, it helps us to take pictures from several different perspectives. In this online examination, you can also tell us the hair transplant technique you want. However, you can still make the final choice about the hair transplant fue technique when you come to our hair transplant clinic. 

Hair Of Istanbul Clinic Prices