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Ten Factors That Affect the Cost of Your Hair Transplant Surgery

By 13/09/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
 Ten Factors That Affect the Cost of Your Hair Transplant Surgery

Ten Factors That Affect the Cost of Your Hair Transplant Surgery, What is the Hair Transplant Surgery, A hair transplant is an aesthetical surgery for people who suffer from a baldness problem. Several methods can be preferred for the operation, and the technics can depend on different factors, such as the patient’s hair characteristics and the size of the hairless area. 

The common point of the all operational method is that they offer a natural appearance and permanent solution. If you choose the best doctor and hospital, you will get the best result. The cost of the hair transplant operation can change depending on the doctors, team, and technology. It means that the price of the process will change. 

 Ten Factors That Affect the Cost of Your Hair Transplant Surgery

Nowadays, hair transplantation is operated efficiently, thanks to advanced technology. Therefore, the surgery is more accessible than 15 years early due to the price. 15 years earlier, it was performed under challenging conditions and produced unperfect results.

However, before going for a hair transplant operation, the patient ought to know what the cost of the process depends on different factors, such as the surgeon, location of clinic, or the amount of the hair follicles and the price can vary accordingly. 

So, What Are the Factors that Affect the Cost of Your Hair Transplant Surgery? 

1)The bald area’s size: The hair transplant price is directly related to the level of hair shedding and the amount of the hairless area. Small bald areas will be less costly than wide areas because they won’t need time and effort. 

2)The number of grafts you need: if your hairless area is wide, much more grafts are necessary to cover up the area. The number of grafts that each people need depends on the different factors, such as the rate of baldness, the required density of hair, and the hair characteristics (curly or straight).  

3) The method of transplant: There are two main operational technics- FUE and FUT. In the FUE process, each hair follicles are harvested one by one. On the other side, in the FUT method, many grafts can be extracted in one go. So the cost of the FUE method is higher than the FUT method. Besides, the FUE method is more modern than the others.  

There are two of the most commonly preferred hair transplant techniques are FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT(Follicular Unit Transplantation.)  

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): In this method, the surgeon finds a scalp area with healthy hair, generally at the back of the head, the follicles with the highest chance of survival are harvested one by one and then transplanted to the hairless area. 

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): In this method, a strip of hair skin is extracted from the patient’s scalp’s donor area. So, more hair follicles can be obtained in one go.  

Both methods have different disadvantages. For example, after the FUE method, there won’t remain any scar and pain. On the other side, if the FUT method is preferred, there will remain a scar on the hairline. Besides, the FUE method takes longer hours than the FUT method, but its recovery process is faster than the FUT.  

4)The number of the operation: Most of the hair transplant operations are operated in a single session, but you have a wide hairless area; the surgery may be applied twice or more times. The procedure takes time because your doctor graft the hair follicles one by one In only one hair transplant operation, almost 3500-4000 new hair follicles are grafted. If the follicles’ need is higher than 5000 grafts, you would need a second or more session to cover up the all bald area. 

5)The plastic surgeon’s high qualification: The surgery’s success depends on the highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons. The hair transplant surgeons must have high-level training because the operation will offer the best results with the doctor’s hand skill. Besides, the best surgeons work together with the best team. So the prefect results will become unavoidable for the patient.  

6) The surgeon’s experience: If you prefer the best surgeon with high talents and a high level of experience, the operation cost will be higher than the others. Most of them provide medical consultation with high fees. The surgeon who has a reputation for performing a successful operation will provide prefect operation results. 

7)The hair transplant clinic’s popularity: When the hair transplant clinic’s reputation is higher than the others, they generally ask more price. More popular surgeons will charge a higher cost than average clinics. For example, several Indian clinics offer extremely high services for their patients, so the operations’ cost is higher than general clinics.  

8)Location of the clinic: The hair transplant surgery is affected by the location of the clinic. Some clinics offer additional services. For example, they can provide hotel service during the surgery process and recovery time. So, these advantages will change the cost. 

9)The donor grafts in the body: The patient who will have the hair transplant operation must have enough healthy hair follicles to be the donor. If the patient doesn’t have sufficient amount available of hair follicles on the back or side of the head, follicles from other parts of the body such as beard or chest are extracted. These follicles are more difficult to harvest because they are more sensitive, more skills and a high level of expertise are needed. The progress will be harder and will affect the price of the surgery.  

10)Consultation (the diagnosis process): Some hair transplant clinics offer free cost consulting about the treatment. But, most clinics ask a fee for the consultation. In this process, you will be able to get all information you want to learn. Besides, all your questions will be answered by the surgeon. So, you can feel more relax with the stages during the operation. 

 In short, the cost of hair transplant operation is affected because of several reasons. The significant factor is that you must make sure you are getting the best result you want. These variables affected the surgery price, but they will also essential to obtain permanent, healthy, and natural appearance.

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