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Natural Hair Transplant Medical Center

By 23/11/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments4 min read
Natural Hair Transplant Medical Center

Natural Hair Transplant Medical Center Natural hair transplant medical centers, clinics, and hospitals can do hair transplantation and hair strengthening. Before you have a hair transplant, you must make the right decision with a detailed research process. Because hair transplantation is an operational procedure.

What is Natural Hair Transplant?

It is the most preferred operation among hair transplantation procedures. Nowadays, hair loss and permanent hair loss have increased. In the past, this situation, which usually emerged due to genetic factors or aging, has now started to occur for different reasons.

Stress, unhealthy foods, and products are the main cause of hair problems. There are extremely effective hair transplantation techniques to solve this situation, which affects people’s lives very negatively. With hair transplantation, which is a very easy and comfortable operation, people can have healthy and bushy hair.

Natural Hair Transplant Medical Center Treatments

FUE Hair Transplant

It is one of the methods of hair transplantation. It is performing without the use of surgical intervention.  Using this technique, each strand of hair is taking individually and transplanting to areas where there is no hair. If the hair strands long for transplantation, they are cutting up to 1 mm in size.

After local anesthesia, the strips are numbering for the process. Then the micro-motor ends are bringing closer to the middle of the hair strand, dipping into the hair follicle, and removing.

FUT Hair Transplant Technique

This method is about carrying out by removing the area of living and healthy hair follicles will be taken out in strips. The FUT method can be useful to everyone.

The subsequent FUE method replaced the FUT method. Although it is not using as often as before, it is still using. The main reason for hair transplantation preferring the FUT technique is due to the low number and density of the hair in the donor area.

DHI Hair Transplant

Another name of this method is unshaved hair transplantation. It is mostly describing as a separate hair transplant method. This is one of the implanter applications of the FUE technique.

In the DHI technique, healthy hair follicles are taking from the donor area. Then these are planting in the target area without channel opening.

The hair strands placing in the implanter are with the special needle. Due to the feature of the implanter needle, it is also named the Choi hair transplantation technique. In this technique, apart from the transplantation angle, the direction of hair growth should also be correct.

How is a Hair Transplant Operation Performed in Natural Hair Transplant Medical Center?

After the correct technique for hair and transplantation is determining according to the patient’s condition, necessary studies are performing. Then, the necessary preparations are making and the hair transplantation process begins.

First of all, there are three important stages in the FUE technique. These are collecting grafts, opening channels, and transplanting into opened channels. Grafts are collecting individually and precisely from the appropriate donor area of ​​the person. Later, channels are opening in the area to transplantation. Finally, hair transplantation is performing in the opened channels.

There is no need for channel opening in this process. The collected hair follicles are brought to the application area with a special drag technique and transplanted. This method is more useful and causes less hurt. Since there is less damage, faster recovery is possible.

How Does the Process Progress After Natural Hair Transplant Medical Center Hair Transplantation?

  • After hair transplantation, people should be extremely sensitive and careful. Getting the maximum benefit from the process is entirely dependent on this. The process after the process is generally as follows;
  • After the procedure, the patient is discharged, and the necessary warnings are made.
  • One of the most important warnings concerns washing the hair for the first time. Washing the transplanted hair after hair transplantation is carried out by the specialist who performed the procedure for the first time in our clinic.
  • A special solution is using in the first wash.
  • After the first wash, the patient should wash their hair every day with that solution.

All the details are important for hair transplanting. Our clinic will give all details to you about transplantation.

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