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Hair transplantation is a reliable fast-growing sector in Turkey. There are many reasons to choose Turkey for your hair transplantation process, the most important factors can be considered as follows:


Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Transplant

Is Hair Transplantation a Painful Procedure?

Due to the use of our needle free dermojet pre anesthesia tool we can say that a Hair Transplant is a painless process. The procedure is done under local anaesthetic so you can enjoy the treatment pain free while listening to your favourite music while our medical team is restoring your hair back. Even after the procedure once the local anaesthetic have lost their effect you won’t feel any pain due to our optimized treatment protocol with A class medicines.

What is the success rate of Hair Transplantation?

The success rate of a Hair Transplant depends on several factors of which the experience of the medical team and correct treatment protocol are some. Correct aftercare and a healthy lifestyle supported with the right nutrition and vitamin supplements are factors of importance influencing the success of a Hair Transplant. Our years of experience and unique innovations have made us of one of world’s most sought after hair transplant institutions. We currently hold one of the highest success rates which is 99.8%. Estenove International is one of the worlds only providers of such a strong warranty.

Does Hair Transplantation look Natural?

One of the major concerns of anyone interested in a Hair Transplant is weather the result will look natural. This concern in mainly related the outdated hair Transplant results of 20 years ago with conventional techniques such the FUT technique that have sticked to peoples mind. A natural result depend on a few factors. The individuals unique face features and face symmetry ought to be carefully measured to define a natural looking hair line. A second factor of importance is the angle of the channels to be opened for placing the graft. The correct angle is crucial for giving the hair a natural growth direction. Another factor is the hair density which determines its natural look. Skin type, skin health and skin elasticity are just some of the factors that have a role of importance to be taken into consideration to realise a high hair density with tight canal opening. The medical teams experience and knowledge are deciding factors to realize a natural look for each type of hair type. Although standardizing is still the most chosen way to treat patients. We believe that a customized plan is always the best way to realize a natural result for each patient. Our FUE sapphire method together with our experienced medical team and unique innovations allows us to realize results which cannot be distinguished from an original hair structure. At estenove International we pride ourselves for achieving natural looking results.

Will there be scars after a Hair Transplant?

Many people still have the horrible looking horizontal scar on their mind at the back of the head of a person who has done a hair transplant when thinking of Hair Transplants. This pictures is completely outdated. This scar is only apparent with operations performed using the FUT(strip) method. With the FUE method there is definitely no scarring involved.

How is the price for a Hair Transplant Calculated?

It will depend on the Hair Transplant provider to determine how they wish to do their business. Some providers will base their pricing on the number of Grafts where other will set a fixed price at a maximum number of grafts. We at estenove International value that our patients have peace of mind prior coming to us knowing that our number 1 goal is to achieve the best result possible for them not having to leave any margin for unnecessary thought about the budget and number of grafts relation. We therefore have set a fixed price up to 5.000 grafts which in almost all cases is the max number of Grafts that can be extracted in a single FUE Hair Transplant session. This means that if for the best possible result 3.500 grafts are needed our patient will get this number of grafts implanted not having to pay any additional fees if the projection were for example 3.000 Grafts prior operation.

When can I get back to work after a Hair Transplant?

This greatly depend on the type of work one is involved in. If the type of work is office related one can easily resume work after 2-3 days of rest. However if the work involves heavy labour which is physically intense we recommend a resting period of 7-10 days after which work can be resumed.

How can I get a Free Consultation?

A Free Consultation can easily be applied for by starting a conversation through the various available communication channels. The easiest way is to send pictures of the current state of your hair, mention what you would like to have treated, share your medical conditions and since when you have been suffering from your hair loss. Alternatively just start a chat with one of our Medical Advisors and let them guide your through the process.

How can I reserve a date for a Hair Transplant Treatment?

Once you have received a free Consultation and the Medical Advisor has given you green light on the possibilities in your personal case you can take it a step further. The first step in this is to determine first of all around which period you would like to have the Hair Transplant operation and communicate this with your Medical Advisor. Once you have communicated this with the Medical Advisor he will be providing you with available dates for a treatment. Once a preferred date has been selected by you, the date will be reserved for you under the condition that you make deposit payment and provide the Medical Advisor with a screenshot of the payment success page or invoice. Once this reservation has been received the date will be definitely blocked for you and all arrangements will be taken care of such as transportation and hotel accommodation.

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