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How Much Is The Hair Of Istanbul

By 03/03/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
How Much Is The Hair Of Istanbul

How Much Is The Hair Of Istanbul Delightful hair can significantly change an individual’s appearance, make him more youthful and more appealing. Nonetheless, because of hereditary qualities, stress, hormonal problems in the body, many faces balding – alopecia. At the center of the 20th century, specialists started to address this issue by beginning hair relocate systems. Current medication has made great walks forward, and now, much of the time, great hair – a matter of timely treatment in a decent center and monetary abilities.

We will consider the components impacting head hair transplant Turkey and in different regions for people, just as the expense of such a system in various centers in Turkey.

HFE (hair for all)

The clinic in Moscow offers hair follicle transplants, i.e., a medical service specialist works with follicular associations. The minimum cost of intervention for the central zone isn’t much, and the entire range of transplantation is considerable. In the case of long hair transplantation, the minimum cost of the intervention is just a bit more expensive.

The approximate cost of one FUE with a small amount of recovery (less than 1000 units) and the implementation of a standard hair transplant of the head with shaving is low, while shaving is only a donor zone (sabering online) also cheap while working with long hair (non-shaving) a bit higher cost. The number of follicular associations of more than 1000 clinics provides discounts.

Restoring and increasing the density of facial hair (chin, mustache, eyebrows, and sideburns) will be affordable (styled online) also cheap, or a bit higher (not shaving) for one follicular union. The minimum cost is a bit higher for eyebrows and faces. Hair transplant Turkey in the intimate zone will be affordable also per FU, and the minimum transaction price will be expensive.

Consultations with a specialist at the HFE clinic are free. Additional services – hair treatment, scalp derma pigmentation.

RTH (Real Trans Hair)

The company works with transplants. Additionally, RTH offers Clients a relatively extensive list of medical hair treatments and various cosmetic services.

IHC (Israeli Hair Clinic)

The medical center works with transplants. For the cost of consulting a trichologist, you will have to establish contact. For the price of one graft for a hair transplant, do the same thing.

When deciding on a hair transplant Turkey, you need to understand: the exact cost of surgery is noticable only when you visit the clinic because the doctor calculates the required number of transplants after examination and diagnosis.

The price of the question is how many head hair transplants for men?

Alopecia in men can develop to a stage where medical and physiotherapeutic treatments will be inactive. This happens with severe damage to the hair roots and their inability to produce healthy hair independently.

In these circumstances, the only effective treatment for baldness remains surgery – hair transplantation. Many show interest in this procedure’s cost; we will talk about it in the article below.

Turkey Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft

Indications for hair transplantation

How Much Is The Hair Of Istanbul Head hair transplant Turkey in men is in prescription in the late stages of androgenic alopecia, when the follicles get tight because of the epithelium and become unable to produce hair even if pathogenic hormonal effects are ruled out and when blood flow to the scalp is stimulated.

In addition to traumatic cicatricial abortion, follicle activity also dies irreversibly, which can only be corrected by surgery.

With these two forms of baldness, only part of the head will experience deprivation of hair, and healthy areas remain on it, which can serve as a donor area during surgery.

Method selection

How Much Is The Hair Of Istanbul The operation is in usage in two ways: patchwork (FUT) and seamless (HFE and FUE). They differ in extracting material from the donor area and introducing it into the bald area.

You can find more in-depth info about each method below.


By the patchwork method, entire skin areas are excised from the donor area and crushed into grafts, which are individually implanted into the skin.

A graft is a group of follicles from which several hairs grow. Smaller grafts are more convenient – they do not leave visible scars in the area of ​​implantation and are easier to introduce.

The operation is in use in several stages:

  • Local anesthesia is in performance.
  • Using a scalpel, the skin flaps are removed from the donor area.
  • The donor area was stitched.
  • Dividing the flap cutting tool into spools.
  • Micro holes form on the affected part of the skin.
  • The tiles are in place in the gaps with tweezers.

The operation lasts 6-8 hours.

How much skin transplant hair on the head in men by the patchwork method? It is a reasonably cheap operation, but it is painful for the patient and worsens his appearance even longer.

The scars will be visible on the head for two to three months until a full hairline covers them completely. The donor zone’s spot remains forever, limiting the number of possible surgeries: no more than three times in a lifetime.

Turkish Hair

What are the prices for hair transplants?

The cost of a hair transplant operation, on the one hand, depends on the number of transplanted follicles (transplants) and the hair transplant Turkey technique applicable, and on the other hand, on the ground and the clinic where the intervention will undergo.

A transplant is an area of ​​skin that contains 1 to 5 hair follicles. It is an area that takes on one part of the skin (usually in the occipital area) and transplants to places where the hair is lost. You can also meet the prices depending on the volume of the performed intervention (packaging): small, medium, large. Volume determines the number of transplanted follicles in the thousands.

Regardless of neglecting the problem of baldness, optimal conditions can always be found for oneself. At the moment, the operation can be in use in the Turksih republic, and you can also visit one of the clinics abroad, which now offers an expanded list of services for Turkish-speaking patients. You can restore hair on the scalp’s frontal and parietal parts, eyebrows, eyelashes, chin, and  mustache. How Much Is The Hair Of Istanbul