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How Celebrities Keep Their Hair General Look?

By 01/12/2020September 15th, 2023No Comments5 min read
How Celebrities Keep Their Hair General Look?

How Celebrities Keep Their Hair General Look? Without a doubt, hair is one of the most important things that determine the views of people to get the first impression or your general appearance. The thing is, once you find the hairstyle that makes you feel more confident, you have to deal with other problems, such as hair loss. For centuries, men especially had been looking for cures for this condition, they even tried using sheep, and lizards about 1550 B.C. Studies that resemble today’s methods the most were carried out by J. Dieffenbach; he was investigating hair, feathers, and skin of animals in 1822.

His studies were followed and built by Japanese dermatologists, Dr. Okuda and Dr. Tamura in the late 1930s, then by Western world researchers, Dr. Orentreich and Dr. O’Tar Norwood in the 1950s. Finally, in 1995, Drs. Bernstein and Rassman developed Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT); which was quite different from other techniques, it utilized stereo-microscopic graft dissection to take follicular units from strips. Follicular Unit Transplantation is used widely worldwide today, especially by celebrities who want to keep their hair.


Celebrities, as they are always in the limelight, have to keep their appearances, muscles, hair, and charisma to continue being famous. Hair loss does not discriminate your social status, ethnicity, race, and whether you are famous or not; at some point, celebrities have to face up with drawbacks that stem from the natural getting old process (or sometimes genetic structure at a young age). It appears that they apply for many solutions, from cosmetic prıducts to surgery (such as hair transplant or hair implant surgeries via Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and FUT).

However, for some reason, most of them are likely to hide their hair transplant operations or cosmetic treatments; perhaps they don’t want to be pointed out as “the guy who lost his hair” than their talents. Although some of them announced their fans (like English football player Wayne Rooney) to inspire other people who suffer from this condition, we know celebrities who get hair treatment or hair transplant by comparing their old and fresh photos, or my hair experts who point their hair’s change.

Tricks that Don’t Work

How Celebrities Keep Their Hair General Look? Let’s take a look at the hairstyle of one of the greatest actors, Jude Law, aka “Young Pope”, or young and new Dumbledore from a movie called “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” (2016 – 2018). Jude Law, as having two Academy Awards, two Tony Awards, and a BAFTA Film Award, started to lose his hair at the front line of his hair when he was about 30. First, with help of his hairstylists, he used his hair as brushing forward in a messy, disheveled look (which sparked millions of copycats).

After a while, he (must have) assumed that if he used long hair, it would be easier to cover the loss; but you know the drill, the things that you want to hide are seen the most. When his “hat trick” failed too, he started not to hide his hair loss and use his hair as the way it was. Interestingly, in time his hair became looking more intense and full; not surprisingly, it was questioned whether it was a result of a hair transplant. It appears that dermatologists split into half about this issue; whereas some of them claimed that he used some sort of cosmetic treatment, some of them claimed that ha had a hair transplant. Either way, without a doubt, he looks more charismatic than before.

“Rocky” Series

How about Sylvester Stallone, who is a great actor from the “Rocky” series (1976 – 2018 and “Rambo” films (1982–2019) and known by previous generations as a synonymous name with toughness and strength? He is also a successful director, screenwriter, and produce; he had written Rocky by himself, and he went through win Best Picture, Best Directing, and Best Film Editing in the same year. In the Rocky series, it appears that his hair remained through the end of the series; he was still very charismatic. However, in time he started to lose his hair; although his hair survived for years in his different movies, it wasn’t surprising that he lost his hair due to all these diets, steroids, and other muscle-building products.

In the 2000s, his shedding became disappear; due to his hairline went forward compared to his younger photos, it was clear that he had a hair transplant. Of course, like many men who have hair transplants, he took good care of his hair with numerous cosmetics; today, he had a full head of hair even more than most of the men in the 30s, as a 74 years old man.

“Where’s My Hair?”

Of course, although more than 75% of people who have hair loss conditions are men, women also suffer from hair loss. Their shedding is not like men’s, whereas in male type shedding reveals mostly as disappearance at the top of the head, female type shedding reveals as getting thinner and lost in entire hair. Kristin Davis, who is known for her role in the famous tv show, “Sex and the City” (1998–2004) as Charlotte York, was one of them. When first she started to lose her hair, she didn’t care according to her, but then she was getting worried and ask herself, “where’s my hair?” Obviously, she didn’t know much about hair loss, so she consulted with her hairstylist Luke O’Connor to help with her thinning tresses.

Luke recommended some hair volumizing products; she began using these immediately and the results were fascinating. She decided to be open about her condition and she shared all the processes from beginning to end to inspire other women and men who suffer from similar drawbacks. In fact, it was a very thoughtful thing she did, because 4 out of 1 woman suffer from hair loss today and it is rarely talked about. Also, the diagnosis process of women is far more complicated than men, but it mostly stems from stress, vitamin deficiency, a decrease in ferritin levels, and thyroid imbalance. As 55 years old woman, after she gained her old, strong hair, she indicated that she did this for herself, rather than cameras and media. How Celebrities Keep Their Hair General Look?