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Hair Transplant Surgeon To The Stars

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Hair Transplant Surgeon To The Stars

Hair Transplant Surgeon To The Stars Hair transplantation is the most preferred cosmetic surgery procedure today. Many people have problems such as hair loss, thinning, and baldness. Especially in modern society, the problem of hair loss has increased. Many factors that cause hair loss. The stress of daily life, unhealthy foods consumed, and using poor quality products cause this problem to be experienced more. However, hair loss may also occur due to genetic factors or aging.

There is a very effective solution to this situation, which negatively affects the social lives of people. Hair transplant surgery is the most common method today. People can have healthy and bushy hair with hair transplant surgery. However, a specialist doctor and a safe hospital environment are required. People who want to have a hair transplant are recommended to do research beforehand. Hair transplant surgeon to the stars is one of the most researched topics.

The thinned or spilled hair regains its old appearance with hair transplantation. Different methods are used for hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is planned and applied according to the person’s request. The main purpose of hair transplantation is to give the person’s hair a natural appearance. Therefore, hair transplant operations should be performed by a doctor in person in the presence of medical teams. It is important that the operation is performed by a doctor.

Hair transplantation is an operation that requires experience and dexterity. That’s why it’s important to choose an experienced doctor. In addition, it is necessary to know which hair transplant method doctors use. When we look at the hair transplant surgeon to the stars, we can see the famous doctors and their methods. Therefore, it is necessary to know the techniques used in hair transplantation and how they are applied.

What Are The Hair Transplant Techniques?

The technique of hair transplantation is determined by the doctor. When we look at the hair transplant surgeon to the stars, we can see the most used hair transplant techniques. Shaved or unshaved transplantation is performed according to the operation determined by the doctor. First, the hairy tissue and the area to be transplanted are determined by the doctor. The hairy tissue is shaved according to the determined procedure. Local anesthesia is applied to these areas and hair follicles are collected by microsurgery.

Afterwards, channels are opened in the area to be transplanted, taking into account the direction of hair growth. The hair follicles taken are placed in these channels with a careful study. The operation takes approximately 6-8 hours. The purpose of the hair transplant operation is to provide a healthy and permanent hair appearance.

  • FUE Hair Transplant Method: Hair follicles, which are coded not to shed, are located on the neck and above the ear. Follicular units are removed one by one with personalized microsurgical tools without cutting and stitching marks from these areas. The hair follicles taken are transferred to the balding area on the same day. Local anesthesia is used in this technique. In the FUE hair transplant method, there is no scar and the return to social life is short. It can be applied to male and female patients who meet the necessary conditions. There is no age limit for the application of this method.
  • DHI Hair Transplant Method: In the DHI hair transplant method, follicles are taken from the donor area with the help of a micro motor. Then it is placed in CHOI pens one by one. The roots are transferred directly to the scalp without opening any channels with the help of CHOI The follicles taken are transferred to the balding skin by the doctor, paying attention to the hair direction. In DHI hair transplantation, patients do not need to shave. The channels are exactly the thickness of the roots. Therefore, possibilities such as leakage and bleeding are less. Recovery and return to social life are shorter than other methods in the DHI hair transplant method.
  • Needle-Free Hair Transplant Method: The need-free hair transplant method is actually an anesthesia method. However, it is no different from other hair transplant methods regarding preparation. Needle-free hair transplant can be done in two ways. First, the patient should stop eating and drinking the night before. Because the procedure can be done by putting the patient to sleep with sedation. During sedation, the patient sleeps for two hours. So, it is different from general anesthesia. Thus, the patient is prevented from feeling pain. In the second method, a needle-free anesthesia device is used while local anesthesia is performed. This method reduces the feeling of pain. In addition, patients do not feel anything during anesthesia.

The World’s Best Hair Transplant Surgeons

Choosing a doctor is very important for a successful hair transplant procedure. Because in the hair transplantation process, a natural and healthy hair appearance should be formed. Therefore, people should do good research before hair transplantation. Celebrity hairstyles are usually preferred. Therefore, the hair transplant surgeon to the stars is one of the curious issues. Famous doctors and hair transplant methods affect many people. America is one of the countries with the most hair transplant surgeons to the stars.

Located in the state of Arizona, Dr. Alexander performs successful hair transplantation with microsurgery for men and women. Dr. Ken Anderson in the state of Georgia treats the problem of hair loss in men and women. Dr. Edward Ball is one of the successful hair transplant surgeons applying the FUE method using the robotic system.

Dr. Bhatti is one of the founders of the Indian Hair Transplant Surgeons Association. He applies hair transplantation to her patients with different techniques. People may want to have their favorite celebrity hairstyles made. For this reason, hair transplant surgeons preferred by celebrities are curious. Famous actors, football players, and models have hair transplantation against hair loss problems. We can count famous Hollywood stars among celebrities who have hair transplantation. John Travolta, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hanks, and Kevin Costner are among the celebrities who have had a hair transplant.