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Hair Transplant for Different Hair Types

By 27/09/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Hair Transplant for Different Hair Types

Hair Transplant for Different Hair Types. Nowadays, both women and men suffer from a baldness problem, and they try to find solutions and apply different methods. The patients have different types of baldness that take place in a different area of the head. So if the patient prefers the permanent solution like an aesthetical operation, it will be operated hair transplant for different hair types. Hair transplant surgeries can be performed on any type of hair.

The permanent solution for baldness can be preferred people aged between 20 and 60. After the surgery, the patient’s hair will grow as healthy hair, and there isn’t a noticeable difference between new hair follicles and old ones. 

Each person has different hair types, and if the baldness problem occurs, the operation method is also going to change because of the high and low amount of follicles. Therefore, the operation method depends on the bald area and hair types. 

Why Shedding Hair Occur? 

The shedding hair may occur because of different reasons, and the result may be devastating for the patient’s self-confidence. Strict diet, stress, genetic factors, or age may cause baldness. The most frequent baldness problem is a classical male pattern. 

Baldness can solve different methods. These are permanent and temporary solutions. The temporary solution can not provide sufficient and practical results for people because they have to be used every day, but permanent methods offer long-term effects. 

Permanent solutions depend on the patient. People who suffer from baldness can apply hair transplants for different hair types. 

 Most Commonly Methods in Hair Transplant for  Different Types Hair

There are two different operation types to obtain permanent and natural-looking hair, but the operational method can be changed because of the size of the bald area and hair features.  

If the patient needs a large number of hair follicles, the FUT method is the best option used. Therefore, more significant areas of baldness can be covered in only one surgery. 

In the FUE method, the surgeon by high technology harvests the hair follicles one by one. At this point, hair follicles must be grafted as soon as possible to get the best solution because their chance of survival will reduce when they are stayed out of the body for a long time. 

In the FUT method, a strip of hair skin is extracted from the scalp’s donor area and transplanted to the bald area. Thus, a large number of hair follicles can be removed from the donor area in one go. 

The surgeons use the back of the head as the donor area. Besides, the follicles from the back, chin, or chest can be used if there isn’t enough thick hair on the back or sides of their head in both popular hair transplants for different hair types. 

However, many variables play in result and expectation of the patient. To give an example, the amount of shedding hair and stage, the bald area’s size, the patient’s hair characteristic ( straight or curly), and hair thickness (thin or course).  

Is it Possible to Perform a Hair Transplant for Curly Hair? 

Curly hair is more complicated than straight types. Therefore, it has some dominant features. Understanding the cause of shedding hair in curly hair is more complicated than straight hair, so the surgeon’s experience and skill can play a critical factor. ON the other hand, curly hair also has advantages in terms of hair transplantation. 

The types of hair aren’t mattered because any hair can be treated with hair transplant operation. Curly hair provides more coverage for the patient because it allows for fuller hair appearance in the bald area by fewer hair follicles & grafts. It means that the operation takes fewer hours, and recovery time will be quicker. On the other side, the hair transplant operation for curly hair is different from normal operation. 

Most Suitable Hair Transplant Operation for Curly Hair

The surgeon can obtain denser hair with fewer hair follicles. But if the patient’s hair is tough tissue, the follicles’ damage during extracting will increase. Therefore, the operation has to be operated more attention. Besides, more recipient site has to be provided just in case. For these reasons, the operational technic for curly hair transplants is so essential. According to some surgeons, the most suitable method is FUT. In this operation, rather than harvesting hair follicles one by one, a strip of scalp tissue is extracted. 

The other surgeons prefer the FUE method because the operation gives almost no scar, and the operational result seems quite natural. Besides, new hair will grow as the same features of the patient’ s original hair. 

FUT Method for Curly Hair 

FUT method provides a more optimal result than FUE for curly hair. The main reason is that extracting hair follicles on individuals with curly hair is more complicated. 

In other respects, several additional factors depend on the success of the operation, such as the size of the donor and skin laxity. Many individuals with curl hair have obtained success using the FUE method, so individual plans are critical. 

FUE Method for Straight Hair  

Extracting hair follicular from a patient with straight hair is easier than the patient who curly hair. 

Thin and straight follicles in straight hair type are harvested easily, but the tough follicles in curly hair are extracted much more difficult. Thus, different hair transplant techniques for different hair types are used. 

After the FUE operation, there will remain no scar and minimal pain. However, the technic takes longer hours than the other methods, as the hair follicles are extracted one by one. Otherwise, the FUT method’s main disadvantage is that patients may have a linear scar, but it can be covered up the line with other hair. 

Regardless of the type of patient’s hair, the hair will grow as original hair characteristics after the surgery. At this point, the operational method is extremely important to obtain natural features hair. For all of these reasons, hair transplant for different hair types provides the same features as the patient’s first hair.

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