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Famous People Who Have Had Hair Transplant

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Famous People Who Have Had Hair Transplant

Why Does Hair Loss?

Famous People Who Have Had Hair Transplant Our hair may fall out for many reasons. For example, hormone disorder, iron, and vitamin deficiency can play a big role in hair loss. In addition to these, hair loss may occur due to various reasons such as seasonal cycles and genetic predisposition.

Hair loss is quite normal in our daily life. However, loss of approximately 50-100 hairs per day is considered normal in adult individuals. For this reason, hair loss that exceeds these numbers is not considered normal.

The hair strand has a certain natural cycle. They shed spontaneously every 4 years. And after that, healthier hair grows from the hair follicles. However, hair strands that are constantly and excessively shed can be the harbinger of some serious diseases.

At the same time, hair loss in men and women may have different reasons. Genetic factors usually play a role in male hair loss. Post-puberty hair loss caused by genetic factors can be given as an example. In women, chronic stress and hormone disorders usually play a role. In addition to these, malnutrition and various skin problems also play a role.

Also, an increase in hair loss can be seen in women during birth, breastfeeding, and menopause periods. Finally, it should not be forgotten that cosmetic products and some medications used can also cause hair loss.

What is Hair Transplant?

Recommended treatment methods for hair loss may vary. Because treatment methods are chosen according to the different needs of the people.

Hair transplantation is a treatment method offered as a solution to hair loss. With this method, hair follicles on the neck or any part of the body are taken. Afterwards, it is transported to the places where gaps and sparseness occur. This method has a procedure that works this way.

This procedure is performed in sterile conditions by specialists in the operating room. Local anesthesia is used to treat hair loss. Hair follicles in stronger areas are taken one by one. It is then transplanted into the openings on the top of the head and forehead. In short, it is the method of planting healthy hair follicles where they are needed.

This method is not painful. The duration of the method varies depending on the size of the area to be transplanted. However, in general, this process can take between 4 and 6 hours.

It is very important that the technique applied is correct. In this way, the newly transplanted hair adapts to the scalp and grows healthy.

After the operation, the person should rest at home for a few days. It is recommended that the patient not go out for a few days.

Hair will fall out a few weeks after the hair transplant. But the hair follicles will remain in place. After this hair loss, new hair will grow from the hair follicles that settle on the skin in a healthy way.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Method

Before choosing the preferred treatment method, the patient’s hair and scalp should be analyzed. At the end of the analysis, the result and treatment method should be decided.

Also, the patient’s priorities should be taken into account. For this reason, the FUE method is generally preferred.

This method is a very current technique, thanks to today’s conditions. Thanks to this method, there is no surgery scar on the skin. Because in this method, the scalp is not cut.

Hair follicles are preferably taken one by one from the nape area. Afterwards, hair transplantation takes place by transferring one by one to the channels in the area to be transplanted.

The hair on the head and neck of the patient who will undergo hair transplantation is important. These hair should be healthy. Because the hair follicles will be taken from here.

Famous People With Hair Transplant

James Nesbitt

We all know James Nesbitt, a Cold Feet actor. James had a hair transplant at Dublin’s HRBR clinic. He also had two hair transplants. James was very satisfied with the results. It even featured in a video reference for this reason. The 47-year-old actor said: “I started losing my hair a few years ago. Like many men, this was a big concern for me. It was actually a practical obsession when you think about it. I’ve had two hair transplants since then. I am very happy with the results. Actually, this hair is this hair.” I can easily say that his cultivation has changed my life. ”

Bono of U2

Bono is the lead singer of U2. He was born in Dublin, the Republic of Ireland. Bono’s hair loss started about 20 years ago. After the hair transplant procedure, she had very lush and full hair.

Wayne Rooney

Manchester United’s famous star Wayne Rooney had a hair transplant in 2011. She shared a photo of her scalp on Twitter. In this way, he shared the news with his fans. “Just to confirm that I had a hair transplant for all my followers. I was getting bald at the age of 25. And I thought why not do it? I am happy with the result.”

Joe Swash

Former Eastenders player Joe Swash also underwent a hair transplant operation. He confessed that he had a hair transplant early in his career after feeling the pressure to look good on the big screen. “Actually I did this for myself. So this is something I wanted to do to make myself feel better. I was on TV, it might have something to do with it. I wanted to do my best because I was on TV with what I did. ‘’

Jake Quickenden

We all know Jake Quickenden as an X Factor contestant. He showed off his bloody hairline by uploading a painful selfie on Instagram in 2017. But he assured his followers that the “swelling and redness” would subside within a week. He said: “People usually say that your hair looks good and you don’t need a hair transplant. But I was really worried about losing my hair for years. And then I did something about it! I am quite happy with the results! The swelling and redness will decrease after a week. Then I will continue my daily life.” and I will wait for the results! To be honest, I don’t care about those who make negative comments. ” Famous People Who Have Had Hair Transplant