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Elon Musk and Hairline

By 23/09/2020September 15th, 2023No Comments3 min read
Elon Musk and Hairline

Elon Musk and Hairline. Hair transplant operations are significant, like all other surgical operations. The operation is carried out by prioritizing the health and aesthetic appearance of the person who will have hair transplantation. Based on this, we can say that naturalness is an important criterion.

The doctor plans the adequacy of the hair in the donor area, the number and quality of the hair in the donor area, the correct distribution of the hair to the areas where the hair is shed, and the front hairline area before the hair transplantation operation.

Now let us get to know the front hairline, which is an important place in hair transplantation.

What is the Front Hairline?

The front hairline is the point where the forehead and hair meet at the front of the head area. Depending on the location of the front hairline, the width of the forehead varies according to the characteristic features of the face. Although the front hairline of each person is different from each other, the front hairline has specific features. The front hairline, which can vary according to age, gender and facial structure, can cause the person to look younger or older.

Even in people who do not have hair loss, the front hairline may be behind than it should be, and this forehead opening in the person may disturb the person in some cases. At this point, where what is happening and what should be happening is separated, the “golden ratio” comes into play.

Studies have shown that when making age estimates, people focus on the hair and forehead opening right after the level of skin wrinkles. In cases where the front hairline is behind, the person may look older. The fact that the front hairline is ahead can also cause the aesthetic elements of the face to be destroyed and disrupt the naturalness. Taking the age factor into consideration while determining the front hairline helps to eliminate these problems.

How To Do Hairline Correction?

Since this area is at eye level and in the front, it is much more critical than other planting areas. The angle and direction of the grafts transplanted to the anterior hair area are essential in hair transplantation operation. Hair strands cannot be placed in a single row in this area. In order to avoid this situation, which will spoil the aesthetics, the hair strands are lined up in a hybrid and natural system. The fact that the front hairline sequence includes some asymmetries creates a more aesthetic appearance.

Elon Musk and Hairline 

Elon Musk, whom we know today with the works that everyone talks about such as Tesla and SpaceX, also had problems with the hairline. If you look at his youth pictures, you will notice that his frontal hairline is way behind. But Musk would have been uncomfortable with this situation that he had a hair transplant and straightened his front hairline. He looks pretty handsome and happy with his new hair.