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David Silva Hair Transplant

By 15/09/2020September 15th, 2023No Comments3 min read
David Silva Hair Transplant

David Silva Hair Transplant, Hair loss is one of the most critical problems of our age, and people can clear up the issues with a very simple method; that is a hair transplant operation that offers natural-looking hair for people.

David Silva Hair Transplant

David Silva, a Spanish professional footballer who plays in Manchester City, shaved his hair, so he caught the attention of the Manchester City supporters. Audiences were wondering why the star did that. The reason was that David Silva had a hair transplant operation because of his hair loss. In the beginning, his bald head looked bizarre, but people noticed the change in his hair after a short while.

Silva had a problem with hairlines before the operation; his hairlines were receding. After the surgery, the receding hairlines he had were gone entirely, and it was the second surprise for the star player’s fans. Sliva reached perfect results with a hair restoration method that he couldn’t obtain with no other ways.

David Silva is not the only footballer who had the operation. Many football players preferred the method because wearing a wig was impossible for a football player as it may fall off their head.

Not only football players but also other celebrities, such as the film stars or politicians, have started to show interest in the operation. 

Nowadays, hair shedding is a big problem faced by millions of men and women worldwide. Therefore, the number of people, especially celebrities, who have left their hair loss problem behind by hair transplant method to regain its healthy appearance is increasing worldwide. Wayne Rooney, Elon Musk, David Beckham, Mel Gibson, and Jude Law are a few names who had the hair operation and obtained healthy permanent hair.

About the FEU Technique for Hair Transplant

The most common choice of hair transplant method among the football players and others is the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) way. Lots of people can try this type of solution instead of a wig, bandana, or other cosmetics products because these temporary solutions can’t be used every day, or they can’t hide people’s bald areas entirely. However, the patient reaches a permanent solution with this aesthetic operation. Moreover, our new hair can not be noticed from the old ones.

Two main types of hair transplant methods can be used, and most commonly used is FEU that has far fewer potential side effects, and the technique offers a quick recovery process for the patient so that it can be returned to their life comfortably. In addition to these, there won’t be any scar on the back of the head.

During the aesthetic operation, the surgeon will remove hair from one part of the patient’s body and then ingraft it on the head. After the procedure, the patients can expect new and continued growth in their hair only a few months later. His new hair will look like the first ones.

People’ genetic factors, their stress level or some disasters may cause hair fall. It is possible to clear up the problem with hair transplantation permanently. More people will try the aesthetic way in the future.