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Celebrity Hair Transplant Scar

By 16/11/2020September 15th, 2023No Comments5 min read
Celebrity Hair Transplant Scar

Celebrity Hair Transplant Scar If you are thinking of having a hair transplant, or if you have just had it. The biggest question on your mind may be the traces of hair transplantation that will remain on the scalp. You can see the answer to that by looking at celebrities’ hair transplant scar. How many scars will remain after transplantation and will these scars disappear over time? The answer to these questions depends on the hair transplant technique used and the sensitivity and skill of your surgeon. Today, two techniques are used in hair transplant surgery.

People whom celebrities hair transplant with these scars after surgery may experience problems while continuing their daily lives. They may want to remove the scars of surgery due to reasons such as not being able to cut their hair short because the scars are visibly thick. In this case, there are several methods that can be applied.

Scar method

One of them is the scar (scar) method. With this method, the previously formed stitch scar is cut and removed. Then it is sewn and closed with a special technique. This leaves a less obvious scar. Another method is also the region where the scar the FUE technique using is to make hair transplantation procedure FUE technique is the region where the work is to make hair transplant operation. It is a hair transplant procedure using the This time, the hair follicles taken can be transplanted into the existing scar and the scar can be closed and stored.

Many patients who celebrity wants hair transplant apply to hair transplantation centers to correct the bad scars from previous surgery. Bad images that occur after hair transplantation can disturb the patient excessively.

Why Are Scars Important for celebrity hair transplant?

Like anything that leaves a permanent scar on our skin. Scars in our head area are a lifelong reminder of an event that does not leave happy memories such as an accident. Surgery or injury we had. Usually, we don’t want to remember this bad thing that happened to us. For this reason, we use the FUE method that leaves almost no traces. So that our patients can continue their lives with new and healthy hair without those scars. That reminds them of their hair loss history. The FUE method is a more advanced and advanced method of hair transplantation than the FUT technique in many areas. Unlike the cross-sectional scar formed in the FUT method, there is no scar in the FUE technique.

Scar in FUT Method

The FUT method is still an effective method and some clinics offer their patients an option. If you choose this method, the remaining scar will depend on your healing rate, your doctor’s skill. And the number and size of strips of tissue removed to collect grafts. In cases with advanced hair loss or if you want to use a very short hairstyle. The scar will probably be more visible as there will not be much hair covering the nape.

The scar left after FUT hair transplantation will probably be a long, thin, linear scar that passes from ear to ear behind the scalp. After the hair transplant is performed by inexperienced or non-experts, your wound may be much larger and look much worse. Also, we can see that there are some examples of celebrities’ hair transplant scar.

Also, if the fresh wound becomes infected in the first weeks, the situation can get worse. If the surgical sterilization rules are not applied meticulously in the clinic, it means that the cleaning of the instruments and treatment rooms used in surgery is questionable. If you do not follow your doctor’s post-surgery advice, you can also get an infection in your home. Infection after hair transplantation is rare, but if attention is not paid, it can lead to serious cosmetic and physical consequences such as both wound healing and a large scar.

How to Close Scars After FUT?

After having a hair transplant, when your hard-earned new hair starts to grow. The last thing you want is to wear a hat just to cover the scar. Although there is minimal scarring with the FUE hair transplant technique and disappears completely over time. Our recommendations for what you can do in hair transplantation with the FUT technique are as follows:

Hair Simulation:

This method of hair transplant Alternative is used as frequently. But that can also be used to hide the scar remaining after the hair transplant. This method, which is called hair simulation, micro-pigmentation, or hair tattoo. That is performed by people who have training in permanent make-up and have high practical skills. This technique is done by drawing thousands of small dots on the scalp. Natural hair color and giving the appearance of short hair. The aim is to give the appearance of very short cut or etched hair. It is used to cover the scars after hair transplantation or any scalp wounds. It can also be used to fill bald or sparse areas after hair transplantation.

Laser Treatment:

Usually used in aesthetic centers (at different laser frequencies depending on the treatment). That is an epilation treatment or to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Laser therapy can also be used to help minimize scarring. These types of laser treatments often use high-powered lasers to create tiny holes in the skin’s surface. The skin goes into rejuvenation mode to heal these small holes and while doing so. It heals scars and wrinkles. It is a multi-targeted treatment that stimulates collagen production. Collagen is present in large amounts in our skin when we are young. Forgiving us abundant and smooth skin, but decreases as it grows.

If you cannot decide which is the best method for you, FUE or FUT techniques, you can make an appointment on our website and come to our clinic for anticipation and get our free consultancy service. You can talk to our doctor about the potential scarring in both methods and get answers to your other questions about the hair transplant procedure in general. Also, we can show our celebrity’s hair transplant scar examples.