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Celebrities Who Had Hair Transplant

By 23/12/2020September 15th, 2023No Comments5 min read
Celebrities Who Had Hair Transplant

Celebrities Who Had Hair Transplant Two-thirds of all men celebrities who had hair transplant suffer from hair loss. And almost one in three women celebrities who had hair transplant suffer from hair loss these days. The possible alternative courses of action vary from case to case. Only within a personal hair consultation can a hair expert. That shows you alternative courses of action based on the assessment of your individual hair situation. In many cases, a hair transplantation is advisable even if the hair loss is still progressing, since, for example, with thinning hair, an aesthetically pleasing hair appearance can be preserved through compression.

What is the better method for celebrities who had hair transplant

Between these two that FUE and FUT methods for celebrities who had hair transplant. There is no better or worse, more modern or more old-fashioned. It is just a matter of different methods that differ in terms of the extraction technique. Both methods have their advantages. With a FUT, the growth rate of usually over 90% is unsurpassed. With FUE, the rest period after the treatment is much shorter. And an extremely short haircut without a visible scar can be worn. Only on the basis of an individual hair consultation can it be assessed which method is better suited for you. Personally based on your hair situation and your hair problem.

Hair loss continuation after hair transplantation

The transplanted and grown hair no longer falls out and grows for a lifetime. However, all other hairs can still be affected by hair loss. However, for celebrities who had hair transplant hair experts make a prognosis. That is about the further course of hair loss on the basis of the questions asked in the hair consultation. If this has not yet stabilized and could progress further. It is possible for the treating hair surgeon, based on the prognosis of the hair advisor. That condense the hair areas that are likely to become even lighter. A PRP therapy to be carried out with us at regular intervals is recommended in order to curb the further progressive hair loss.

Age limit for hair transplants

There is typically no age limit. In patient celebrities under the age of 23, however, it must be carefully checked whether a hair transplant is helpful and makes sense at this point in time. Our experienced hair consultants therefore not only analyze the current hair situation in consultation but also provide a qualified prognosis about the further course of the hair loss. This is the only way to find the best individual solution for each patient.

Is a hair transplant painless?

A hair transplant is usually extremely painless. At the beginning of the treatment, the donor area is locally anesthetized, so that when you remove the strip (FUT method) or the individual hair follicles (FUE method) you only feel a pulling (FUT) or selective pressure (FUE). Before the treatment, you will be given a sedative to relax. Our highly qualified hair technicians will take care of your wellbeing for the entire duration of the treatment. You can chat with our team or sit back to listen to music or read a good book.

Excessive hair loss after pregnancy

After pregnancy, hormonal hair loss can occur. This has the following cause: During pregnancy, the level of estrogen, the sex hormone in women, increases rapidly. This increase extends the hair’s growth phase. Simply put, hair that has gone through its natural life cycle doesn’t fall out, but continues to grow. After pregnancy, the estrogen level drops and all hair that has exceeded its normal life cycle falls out. This hair loss, which occurs on a large scale in the first few months after pregnancy, is nothing unusual and usually returns to normal after a while.

Are there scars left after a hair transplant?

There are no large scars left for celebrities who had hair transplant; only punctiform micro-scars on the back of the head. The experts at Moser Medical carry out the hair transplant largely free of scars. The FUE technique in particular is minimally invasive – very gentle on the skin and tissue.

The reason is the ultra-modern HyRO device, which has a very fine tip with only 0.8 to 0.9 mm. In contrast to classic FUE devices. This does not rotate around its own axis but moves in a semi-circular oscillating manner. There is a rounded curve at the end of the tip instead of sharp knives. The instrument penetrates less deeply into the skin when the hair is extracted. HyRO thus minimizes the risk of damaging the hair root units. Healing is promoted and the formation of small micro scars is reduced.

Wearing hat after hair transplant

You will be given a special headgear immediately after the treatment. You have to wear this for the first few days when you are out and about to protect the surgical field. After that, it serves as a privacy screen – after seven to fourteen days, the local reddening is usually gone and no more scabs are visible.

How hair loss can be treated

The facts enumerated so far have clarified how different and creative efforts. Humanity made in history to stop or reverse hair loss. Even though the opinion is expressed. According to today’s science, all methods introduced to achieve the goal are at least ineffective, but maximally harmful.

In order to effectively treat alopecia and achieve an aesthetic result in patient celebrities who had hair transplant. The causes of hair loss should be investigated first. There are many factors to consider: When a medication or malnutrition is the cause of hair loss. There is a possibility that remediation of this situation will naturally trigger hair regrowth (reversible alopecia). If the consequences of accidents, surgeries, or animal bites have caused scars. The process and severity of the scars play an important role in certain interventions. In addition, the age of the person is important. Is there a possibility of the progression of alopecia? And other methods against it.