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Celebrities Going Bald

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Celebrities Going Bald

Going bald

Celebrities Going Bald It is normal to lose some hair every day. But if your hair thins or falls out unusually, maybe you are becoming balding. Nevertheless, you are not alone. You do not need to afraid of that. Most people experience hair loss as they get older. It can be related to genetics and the natural aging process. On the other hand, baldness problems can arise because of medical conditions.

What Causes To Baldness?

Androgenic alopecia usually causes baldness. In men, it is more commonly known as male pattern baldness. In women, it is known as female-type baldness. These types of baldness are not to be seen as a disease. So, these problems can be arises because of these factors:

  • Genetic
  • Aging process
  • Male hormones called androgens

Hair Loss In Women And Men

In men, it causes changing of the hairline on the top of the head. This is common for male pattern baldness.

Women don’t usually have a receding hairline. Instead, you can observe thinning and rareness in the top of the scalp. This, in turn, shows itself as an expanding hair loss. This is a common condition in female pattern baldness.


Some treatments are available for some types of hair loss. To sum, you can get back your hair or at least slow down further thinning. In some cases, such as irregular hair loss (alopecia areata), hair is revived without treatment.

Medications, the surgery that promotes hair growth, and hair transplantation surgery are some examples of treatments for hair loss.

Hair transplant Surgery As An Baldness Or Hair loss Treatment

One of the treatments needed for the problem of baldness or hair loss is a hair transplant. During the hair transplant process, hair taken from other parts of the body is transferred to the sparse area. Moreover, these hairs are taken from the chest, leg-arm, genital area, body areas, especially from the back of the head near the nape. Afterward, it is transferred to the area where the hair falls out. In hair transplantation, the roots of the hair at the back of the hair are preferred.

Hair loss In Celebrities

No matter how much money they spend on themselves and pay attention to their care, celebrities also face hair loss and baldness problems. This is why male and female celebrities wear quality wigs to stand out in this style of hair loss problems.

Celebrities around the world are trying all sorts of alternatives to hide their hair loss and baldness problems. Some struggle with thinning hair due to aging, while others experience hair loss due to lifestyle issues stress, or genetics. Regardless of the cause, as a result, hair loss also affects actors.

Below are some celebrities who have faced balding problems.

Celebrities With Male Pattern Baldness

Celebrities Going bald


Common is an American actor. however, he is a hip-hop singer, producer, and director. He began his career in 1994. Common thinks people exaggerate baldness. By the way, he tried a lot of flamboyant hair types. But by the time he was 44, he had to come out with his bald look. But he doesn’t mind. He looks happy and pleasant.

Patrick Stewart

Patrick is an American actor, director, and producer. Given the awards he’s won, his success in his job can’t be questioned. He has also changed his style many times when it comes to hair, like other celebrities. However, baldness suits him.

Tupac Shakur

He is a very well-known rapper and an actor. You can see his name among the best rappers. He encountered the problem of balding at an early age. He appeared in public with his bald appearance and gangster attitude.


Pitbull is a famous American rapper. We know him for his rap music and nickname Mr. Worldwide. He had got long hair in his young ages. However, now we see him in bald style. In his style with no hair, he attracts people still.

Woody Harrelson

Woody began his career through a television sitcom. He is an actor. Fans loved Woody’s ear-length hairstyle. Apart from that, he also tried different wigs. His baldness gave him a smarter look.

John Malkovich

John is an actor, director, and also producer. He has cooperated with more than seventy films till now. In his earlier films, he has got long hair so that he can suit the characters in the movies. He is confidently carrying his bald look.

Michael Jordan

He is an American Basketball player. He has played nearly fifteen seasons for the national basketball academy. It is not wrong to say that he is one of the best basketball players. He has got long hair in the early years of his career. But then he faces a hair loss problem but his new bald look is also great for him.

Peter Boyle

Boyle is an American actor. We saw Peter in his old movies with flaunting long hair. We saw him a lot with his hairstyles in his films. But now he is among the celebrities going bald. The bald look is another good style for him. His choice helps his character look real in the films.

J.K. Simmons

All of us saw him as an American on the television and he portrays some kinds of roles such as police officer, a legal officer in his drama series. His hair was not long when he was on TV. But when he is in the 60s, he looks flawless in his bald look.

Jason Alexander

Jason Alexandır is an American actor, director, and comedian. You probably know he’s playing a character in the series names Seinfeld. When he started his character he had hair just like most famous people. But the end of his career is not like the start of his career. Although he has no hair, it seems that he loves his new style. Celebrities Going Bald

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