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Can Hair Implants Grow?

By 09/10/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Can Hair Implants Grow?

Can Hair Implants Grow? Before and after hair transplantation, which is a surgical operation, there are points that patients should pay attention to. The patient’s care and attention are directly effective in order to perform a smooth operation, to spend the recovery period more comfortably, and to reach the most natural result. If the necessary care is taken after hair transplantation performed by an experienced doctor, it is not possible to encounter an unexpected result.

Can Hair Implants Grow?

Regardless of which technique and method of application will be performed, the patient should be informed in detail about all possibilities, indications, and complications. In the preliminary interview, the things to be done before the hair transplantation and the things to be considered after should be explained in detail. Having the patient know about all the stages will reduce the stress caused by the operation as well as prevent anxiety.

The hair transplant procedure should not be considered as a simple procedure. As with all surgical procedures, some adversities and complications may occur during the operation or after hair transplantation. For example; Despite the use of blood thinners by ignoring the doctor’s advice, not interrupting the use of such drugs before the operation can trigger serious bleeding problems. For this reason, it is very important to strictly follow the advice and recommendations of your doctor before and after hair transplantation.

During the pre-interview, you should give detailed information about your health history to your doctor. If you have any discomfort you are in the treatment phase or have diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, an ulcer that require regular medication use, you should inform your doctor about the medications you use and the period of use.

1 Week before the operation;

  • Aspirin etc. The use of drugs with blood thinners or anticoagulant properties should be discontinued.
  • Since it has a blood-thinning effect, alcohol use should be stopped for 1 week if possible, or 3 days before the operation. (before and after hair transplantation)
  • In order to avoid the negative effects of nicotine on the body and to avoid any adverse effects during the operation, smoking should be stopped 1 week before, at least 3 days before, if possible.
  • The consumption of multivitamin preparations containing B vitamins and vitamin E or herbal teas containing these vitamins should also be stopped because they have an effect on increasing bleeding.
  • Strenuous exercises such as cardio or bodybuilding should be stopped 1 week before the operation.
  • The consumption of caffeine-containing beverages and nicotine should definitely be stopped for one day before and after hair transplantation.

Operation day;

  • Your hair should be washed.
  • Hair gel, hair spray, etc. chemical hair styling should not be applied.
  • No local medication should be applied to the hair and scalp.
  • On the day of the operation, it would be best to choose clothes with a button or zipper in front, wide collar, and comfortable clothes.
  • If the operation is in the morning, you should have breakfast and a light lunch at noon. You must be full during the operation.

The hair transplantation growth process is one of the most frequently asked questions by hair transplant recipients. Naturally, a very exciting and impatient waiting period begins right after the hair transplant surgery. The biggest reason for this is that those who have hair transplants want to achieve the hairy appearance they dream of very quickly.

The hair transplant healing process spans 12 months. Small changes in the hair area will bring along the process of hair growth and healing.

How Long Does Hair Grow For 2-Week Process After Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss is noticeable in the 2-week period after the operation. However, the important point here is that the follicular root is still intact. Hair shed in 2 weeks makes room for healthy new hair structures.

During this time, there is no change different from hair loss. Hair loss occurs until the 2-week process reaches the 8th week. This is not a situation to be afraid of, but a process to be experienced. This step is called “shock spill“. Shock spill, which is expected to occur between the 2nd week and the 8th week, is a natural development of the normalization and healing process.

How Does the 3-Month Process Develop in Hair Transplantation?

In the 2 weeks after the hair transplant operation, the tendency of hair to shed is often disappointing in patients, and thinning of hair is also seen in some areas.

The clinics, various techniques are used to minimize hair loss in the recipient area and the risk of shock hair loss that may occur in our patients after surgery is tried to be reduced.

In the hair transplant growth process calendar, it is seen that the shed hair starts to grow in 3 months. However, this growing hair is not strong. This condition causes a skin condition called folliculitis. This skin condition disappears within a few days.

How does the 5-6 Month Process Progress in the Hair Transplant Growth Process?

The most relaxing period after hair transplantation begins to progress in 5-6 months. During this period, the hair will start to grow an average of 1.3 cm per month. Especially in summer, hair grows much faster.

In most patients who have hair transplantation, the growth rate after surgery begins to be seen after 5-12 months. Some patients experience a noticeable growth within 6 months after surgery.

What Happens During the Hair Transplantation Growth Process in 8-12 Months?

For the hair transplant growth process, 8-12 months and after, new hair grafts begin to heal in terms of texture and thickness. Hair starts to grow with a much higher density compared to other months.

During this period, while some hair does not have pigmentation, fragility may occur in the hair. During this period, the growth of hair becomes more noticeable, but not much change occurs after 12 months. However, minor corrections may be required at the end of this period.

In conclusion, a hair transplant is a miracle surgery. But patients should be patient in this period. Patience is as important as the transplantation process. Can Hair Implants Grow?

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