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Best Hair Implant In Turkey

By 04/02/2021February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Best Hair Implant In Turkey

Best Hair Implant In Turkey When asked if hair transplantation would help, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer. It all depends on the purpose sought and the cause of the baldness. If it is a question of covering the problem, then the procedure is relevant for any alopecia and gives attractive and lasting results. As far as aid, hair transplant Turkey is the way to use the latter when traditional treatments do not help.

A thick head of hair is a matter of pride not only for women but for men, to whom early fasting looked with great envy. This is not surprising since the light “clearing” on the head with sparse plants is unlikely to be a decoration, attracting the attention of the opposite sex. Extremely acute hair loss problem at an early age, when everyone wants to be attractive and loved but can be proud of good hair is not everyone. Liquid hairs – that’s half the problem. The solution of which is very easily accessible drugs and alternative methods, but alopecia (baldness) resists such therapy is one of the more complicated.

Hints for the procedure

Best Hair Implant In Turkey Alopecia areata is a severe problem with an internal cause, which is a breakdown of the immune system. This sort of baldness can be considered a severe autoimmune disease. Which, as we know, is hugely unsuitable for medical treatment. It is difficult to fight your immune system. Which begins to see your hair as an alien substance and fight it for some unknown reason.

Alopecia has it’s name focal or alopecia because it is characteristics of a complete hair loss that is not for them and the appearance of limited blank areas on the scalp. Including the eyebrows, beard, and mustache. Bald areas are also observable in the pubic area and other parts of the body, usually covered with hair. New ones no longer appear in the area of fallen hair. As the cells of the immune system break down the hair follicles.

Alopecia due to specific damage to the immune system, when activated unnecessarily, is the most severe form of alopecia. Due to the nature of the disease, its approach to treatment is different from other types of alopecia. In this case, any disruption to the body’s work can only exacerbate the situation. So the choice of treatment methods should be treated with extreme caution. Especially when it comes to radical forms of treatment of baldness, which were hair transfer refers.
It must be in the notice that the choice of radical methods is in limitation in this case. Surgical hair transplant Turkey can negatively impact the immune system’s functioning, so it is not in prescription in this situation. The only thing a specialist doctor can offer (and it is a trichologist) is a non-surgical procedure.


In many cases, a hair transplant Turkey is a serious operation. Which interferes with the functioning of the body and the use of anesthesia. It is certain that even a minimally invasive intervention. And which is in consideration to be the transfer of hair follicles, can not be done without preparation. Which largely depends on the result of the procedure, if during his complications, and how long the recovery period. So a hygiene procedure here cannot be dealt with, although they are also in inclusion on the list of necessary preparation steps.

A special moment is taking medications. Ideally, stop taking any medicines worth ten days before surgery. Particular attention doctors give drugs that affect blood clotting (hair transplant – surgery minimally invasive. But not without blood), for example, acetylsalicylic acid and medicines according to them. If the person taking the medication is essential, as, in some heart diseases, physicians should take a complete patient list of drugs, to assess possible side effects and contraindications.

If it is a question of hair transfer in women, the time of operation is chosen so that it is not compatible with menstruation. Plus or minus four days. That is, four days before the month and four days after their termination, hair transplant Turkey is acceptable.

You can take food and drink until there are 6 hours left before surgery. After that, you will be a little hungry. If an individual has stomach or metabolic problems and long-term hunger is unacceptable. It should be reported to the doctor during the consultation.

You can’t go through a hair transplant operation with a dirty head. It is not only unaesthetic and implies a person’s disrespect for himself and others, but also unhygienic. To wash ahead, it is necessary from the morning before the procedure.

Among the disadvantages of hair transplantation

It should be understood that the area where one can take strong hair resistance to dihydrotestosterone for hair transplant Turkey in a bald spot is not unlimited. And baldness in the absence of grave treatment can progress, which will require the conduct of new surgeries. But where to get so much hair?
In severe alopecia, doctors face the problem that hair from the donor site is often not enough to “patch up” baldness. After surgery using an insufficient number of fonts or follicular associations, the affected area may remain obvious, as the density of hair here is lower than in other areas.

Results after the procedure

How much do hair transplants cost on average?

So often, everything depends not only on the patient’s desire but also on his abilities. Fortunately, some methods allow you to achieve the need for hair density for certain transplants, and in the interval between them, you can add money to the following methods.

Moving follicular associations in many clinics are estimated to be more expensive than moving graffiti with a few bulbs. But even here, the spread of costs can be significant. Georgia’s well-known clinics can offer a price of even less, so hair transplant Turkey can be inexpensive and have the right specialists. The truth is you have to spend money on such a trip.

Everything depends on the willing density of the hair. You want a thick scalp of hair; you need to remove a decent amount.

But the result of the non-surgical procedure is a beautiful hairstyle without scars and scarring, so after a while, no one suspects that earlier you have hair problems. But again, provided that the required number of follicular associations is transplanted, the operation will be performed by a specialist who is well versed in this procedure, and then the hair will be given proper care. Best Hair Implant In Turkey

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