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Are Hair Implants Permanent?

By 09/10/2020February 6th, 2022No Comments5 min read
Are Hair Implants Permanent?

Are Hair Implants Permanent? The surgical procedure performed to restore thinned or shedding hair with different techniques is the answer to the question of what is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation, which is generally preferred by people who are uncomfortable with their appearance and lack of self-confidence, regardless of an age range, is a common procedure in our country and the world.

Variety Of Hair Loss

Telogen Effluvium

It is the most common type of hair loss that occurs after a person experiences stress (prolonged high fever, major surgery, or serious infection). This type of hair loss is experienced after unexpected hormonal changes in the body; Especially women experience this type of hair loss after giving birth.

Side Effects Of Drugs

Side effects of some drugs can cause hair loss. Other drugs used in cancer treatment cause hair loss, which is unexpected and common in the public.

As A Symptom Of Disease

Hair loss can be a harbinger of some diseases. Some of these diseases are; sarcoidosis, lupus erythematosus, syphilis, thyroid disease (hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism), sex hormone disorder, skin cancer, nutritional disorders, etc. People with malnutrition are generally found in women who follow a slimming diet and those with severe menstrual bleeding.

Tinea Capitis (Fungal disease in the scalp)

The name of the microbe that causes the disease in this type of hair loss in which there is regional hair loss on the scalp is Trichophyton tonsurans. This type of hair loss causes the hair to break at the point where it comes out of the skin.

Hair Loss Due To Trauma

This type of hair loss is the type of hair loss caused by the people themselves. Tugging their hair, washing the hair with very hot water, and curling excessively with a curling iron, applying strong chemicals to the hair cause this type of hair loss.

Male Type Of Hair Loss

Hair loss in men is a very common problem. This type of hair loss is the most common type of hair loss and can occur at any age in men, even in the youth years. This type of hair loss can usually occur as a common result of 3 reasons; familial type of hair loss, presence of male hormones, and advancing age. In addition, many women also experience female pattern hair loss. In female pattern hair loss; There may be a decrease in the front part of the hair, a reduction in the crown or crown area, so there is no forehead opening similar to male pattern hair loss. Are Hair Implants Permanent?

Why Does Hair Loss?

Every existing hair strand has a life cycle. Each hair strand lives for 4-6 years, then rests and then falls out. Hair loss in this way is an extremely natural process and 50-100 hair loss per day is considered normal. If we shed more than this number, if the amount of hair on the hand increases while taking a bath, or if we get 3-5 pieces of hair when we pull the washed and dried hair by hand, this situation should be taken seriously. Hair loss can have many different causes. The important thing is to determine this cause and to make appropriate treatment.

1-Genetic Factors

The causes of hair loss in women and men are different. Hair loss seen in men is generally male type hormone-sensitive hair loss, which is genetic and seen in more than 50% of the society. This type of hair loss is chronic. As age progresses, baldness develops and may require hair transplantation as a result. Reinforcement treatments, mesotherapy, and PRP treatment, which are started at an early age, slow down the spill rate. It prolongs the time to go to baldness.

This type of hair loss is also seen in women. Especially people with individuals with baldness problems in their families face the risk of hair loss. Nowadays, male pattern hair loss with the onset of 16-18 years is seen more in young girls. The reasons for this situation to be encountered more than in previous years are excessive stress, unbalanced nutrition, prolonged fasting, and hormonal problems. Success rates can be increased by adding hormonal treatments in addition to a treatment like in men for women.

2-Skin Problems

Skin and internal diseases can also cause hair loss. Most skin-related spills occur when diseases involving the skin affect the scalp. If the hair is affected in diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, lichen disease, excessively oily skin, fungal diseases, hair loss may be inevitable. The treatment of these spills is possible with the treatment of the underlying skin disease.

3-Wrong Nutrition Habits

Hair loss due to nutritional reasons is another common factor. After all, hair is a living organ and it needs to be fed, too. Not eating a regular and balanced diet, long-term hunger, a uniform diet, and consuming foods high in carbohydrates can ultimately affect and shed the hair. Its treatment is extremely practical and it is important to start a balanced diet.

4-Protein Deficency

If you eat protein-free foods, the body cuts off hair growth to get protein on its own. Hair loss will occur 2-3 months after protein deficiency is in question. In order to avoid such a situation, fish, eggs, meat, and similar protein-rich foods should be consumed. An individual who cannot consume meat can instead consume foods such as nuts, grains, legumes, and beans.

5-Hormonal Problems

If the person has hormonal problems, menstrual delays or irregularities, increased hair growth, excessive acne, and accelerated weight gain, if hair loss is added to these findings, then hormonal hair loss can be mentioned. The dermatology specialist should be consulted to determine the source of these problems with a blood test on the 2nd or 3rd day of menstruation. Hormonal treatments are effective for this type of hair loss.

Are Hair Implants Permanent?

In this article, we gave you information about the types and causes of hair loss seen in many people. Hair loss is an inevitable problem for most people. With a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, this hair loss problem may slow down, but it will not go away. Hair transplantation is essential for a definitive solution. Hair transplantation, which is a method that even celebrities use very often, is the most definitive solution to prevent your hair from falling out. Are Hair Implants Permanent?

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