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Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

By 04/01/2021September 15th, 2023No Comments5 min read
Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

Alopecia hair loss treatment can be done in a short time nowadays. Before mentioning ringworm treatment, it is important to have information about what ringworm disease is and how it occurs.

Alopecia areata (Ringworm) is a kind of hair disease. It is characterized by the sudden loss of a person’s hair or other hairs such as eyebrows, eyelashes, and beard in a short time. When it occurs on the scalp, it manifests itself with round or oval-shaped balding areas that are easily visible from the outside. It spreads very quickly, causes permanent hair loss in case of delay in treatment.

After a while, hair grows again in balding areas or new lesions develop. Ringworm occurs mainly in young people. 70 to 80 of every 100 people affected by the disease are under the age of 40.

What Causes Alopecia and How Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment Done?

The cause of Alopecia is not known exactly. Autoimmune diseases occur when the body recognizes its cells and tissues as foreign. As a consequence, the immune system attacks the person’s cells. In ringworm, immune cells attack the hair follicles, stopping the hair growth and causing hair loss.

It is also associated with genetic factors the risk of developing this condition in a child of a parent with ringworm is approximately 3 to 6 times higher than in the normal population. Again, some diseases can be seen with ringworm and this supports the effect of genetic factors.

Hereditary Factors

Hereditary factors are also considered in the Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment. Genetic factors are among the biggest causes of ringworm at the stage of formation, as in many diseases. If you have a family history of ringworm, you are 25% more likely to get this disease than other people.

A Weak Immune System

The immune system must be as strong as possible for the body to react harder against external threats and protect the body health. Also, some diseases weaken the immune system, and the system becomes unable to fulfill its many functions.

In such a situation, with the weakening of the immune system, the white blood cells fight the cells in the hair follicles and may cause these cells to die. For this reason, there is a serious loss of hair. If the necessary treatment is not carried out quickly, it will be much more difficult for the hair follicles to regenerate themselves.


Stress factors should be considered when determining Alopecia hair loss treatment. One of the biggest problems of today is undoubtedly stress. But stress is such a problem that it not only affects psychologically but can also harm the healthy functioning of the body and cause a wide variety of diseases.

Stress, which negatively affects the hormone balance of the body, can also cause unwanted changes in the body. Ringworm usually occurs due to stress after a depressive situation or severe trauma.


Any problem occurring in the thyroid glands, which have extremely important functions for the body, spreads to other parts of the body in a truly short time and negatively affects the healthy functioning of the body. Any problem in the thyroid glands can be the cause of many diseases, especially goiter. Thyroid problems can cause anemia problems as well as ringworm problems.

What Are The Symptoms Of Alopecia Areata?

Correct analysis of ringworm symptoms is important in the Alopecia hair loss treatment. Ringworm symptoms are characteristic and present with one or more smooth, oval, and hairless areas of the scalp. The skin in the affected area is healthy and there is no inflammation of the skin.

Hair loss usually starts on the scalp. However, all kinds of the scalp, including eyelashes, eyebrows, armpits, beard, and pubic hair, can be affected by ringworm, and changes in the nail structure may occur. The clinical picture is variable and differs from person to person. The course of the disease is unpredictable and sometimes chronically recurrent.

During the illness, spontaneous recovery, stabilization, or deterioration in the course may occur. When the hair grows back in the bald area, it is usually pigment-free, i.e. white at first.

How Is Alopecia Areata Hair Loss Treatment Done?

Ringworm occurs mainly in young people, due to hereditary factors, weak immune system, eczema, Addison’s disease, psoriasis.

A dermatologist can easily plan Alopecia hair loss treatment. Treatment aims to stop the progression of the disease and to reduce the severity of the symptoms. In some mild and early stages, the hair grows back on its own without any treatment. Eye contour applications require attention as they may be risky for eye health.


Creams used to eliminate ringworm contain cortisone and can make it possible to achieve much better results if used at the beginning of the disease. As can be understood from here in the Alopecia hair loss treatment, early diagnosis, and rapid intervention are extremely important in the treatment of ringworm.

Since the creams used to remedy the ringworm problem can cause some side effects due to the cortisone they contain, it should only be applied to the problem area carefully.


If the hair loss due to ringworm has spread beyond the problematic area and started to progress, cortisone under the skin injection can be used for Alopecia hair loss treatment.

The patient should continue the treatment process without interrupting the applications patiently until the treatment is over.


Because it is a frequently recurring health problem, ringworm requires long-term treatment, and the doctor may increase or decrease the dose of the drugs from time to time.

Puva Therapy

Puva therapy is one of the treatment methods for this disease. With this therapy, the drugs injected with ultraviolet rays are applied to the problem area. This method needs more dermatologists’ attention.

Since the treatment of ringworm will be performed by expert dermatologists by determining the appropriate Alopecia hair loss treatment method, you do not have to worry about this disease.